Monday, October 24, 2011

… Durham Collection Anew 2011

I know that I promised this peek quite a bit ago. . .
I'm hoping that you'll forgive my lateness. I wanted to be sure that is was okay with 'headquarters' (Lecien) to show. . . & since it is up on the Lecien USA website (you can find it here). . . & I just noticed it on the Fat Quarter Shop website (under 'coming soon'), & Fall Quilt Market is this week & everyone there can see it. . .
. . . so. . . I'm guessing that now is a great time to show you. . . !

So, here is my fabric line for fall by Lecien  - Durham Collection Anew.

First, here's the line by designs. . .

main floral -

gingham floral -

paisley - (sigh!. . . they did such a great job with this!)

small flowers -

tonal floral -

dots -

. . . & just for fun. . . here is the line - by colorway. . .!

whites -

pinks -

reds -

yellows -

greens -

blues -

& greys -

I have been having soooo much fun playing with these fabrics. . . getting things ready for my vignette in the Lecien booths for Market. (. . . & I'm thinking that the next few evenings are going to be on the long-ish side!). 

. . . I'll post a couple more photos before I go - of some of the items that I've been 'playing' with!



Darlene said...

Oh Brenda it's beautiful. I'm going to save my pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars - I simply must have this. :-)

Wendy said...

The fabrics are wonderfull, especially the small flowers they are my favorite, I will be hand smocking some dresses for my nieces triplets for sure...thanks for the peek at the lastest fabrics, Lecien is always a favorite of mine,they are so great for garments....and quilts.

Martha said...

Your new fabrics are gorgeous and I am so looking forward to seeing them in person...I am going to market with my LQS owner this year and I am so excited. You are the reason I started my blog (you didn't know this because I couldn't seem to get the post correct, being a nubie)but you inspired me that Sunday morning back in May. I will certainly be looking for your fabric at the Lecien booth. Thanks for your beautiful posts. said...

Love your new line. Beautiful!

Mad about Craft said...


Sue said...

Oh thank you for the peek! It's so lovely. I can't wait to get my hands on some! :D

Auntie Pami said...

Love them! How about Meadow redone?

Louise said...

I always look forward to the new lines of Lecien..they are truly beautiful and so wonderful to work with.Your work certainly adds to that.

Nancy G said...

How beautiful. Will have to have some of those fabrics, or maybe all of them. You have done a beautiful job designing them.

Sewn With Grace said...

Be still my heart! Just beautiful!

Lynn S said...

Your fabric line is wonderful! So feminine and dreamy! And your new pattern---well, you are true to yourself! Stunning and so unique! Was it hard to do the alphabet in such pretty script? I think this would be a nifty challenge to improve applique skills.

Karen said...

Your fabric is absolutely stunning. This is the beauty I love to have in my home. Cannot wait for the yardage, this is a definite must have for me!

Dawn said...

Love, love, Bren!!!

Sharon said...

Hey Brenda, It was good as usual to see you at market. Your such a sweet person.
The fabric swatches are to die for!! As is the fabric. Keep up the good work.


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