Friday, September 16, 2011

… breathing a little easier

This morning, Bailey & I got up & went for our morning walk. . . & as we walked, I found myself looking down the leash to the little sweetie-pie that is my best buddy & praying that our morning visit to the vet would have good news. 

I also spent a lot of the time thanking God for such a wonderful little gift that this little one is to me. In my heart he goes everywhere with me. . .

When we arrived at the vet, he was waiting for us & he took a good long look at Bailey's leg. . .

He was happy with what he saw. . . & I think that Bailey knew what he was saying was good. . . because he almost got the 'stuffin's hugged out of him by me while the vet was giving me the good word.

I think that God was also looking down, smiling, knowing my heart & knowing that it is so very thankful. 

We're not completely out of the woods, as the spot is still there. It did get a bit smaller & I will continue treating it. . . but so far, it is not acting like cancer (cancerous spots don't respond to the ointment like Bailey's did) - but the vet said that you can never say never. 

So, for now, I will keep using the ointment to see if it continues to help, but if the spot starts to bother Bailey again (he's been so good & has been leaving it alone!). . . then we will be back at the vet & would then need to see a specialist.

But. . . we are not thinking about that yet. . . we are just celebrating that it isn't acting like it's cancer - & is instead probably a dermatitis issue that is so much easier to deal with.

So, while this scary little chapter is closing. . . the story of my sweet little fluffy boy continues. . . & I cherish every day that I have with him.

. . . & he definitely continues to be the 'apple of my eye'. . .

Thank you. . . so much

for all your e-mails & tweets & comments asking about how Bailey is doing.

It has meant so much.

. . . & trust me. . . he is knowing how much he is loved!

(the photos for this post were created using Photofunia. . . & yep, I've got a whole folder filled with Bailey photos using these!. . . (hint - more to come!) :o)


Thursday, September 15, 2011

… a little waiting. . .

I've been keeping very busy these past 2 weeks. . . so I apologize for the lack of posting. I've had things to post. . . just no real news to post.

It's felt a bit like 'hurry up & wait' for the past 2 weeks.

Firstly, with my little Bailey. . . we got into the vet on Tuesday & we go back tomorrow for the follow up. The vet took a real good look at the black spot on Bailey's leg & we have been treating it with a hopefully less invasive way (& special ointment) to see if it responds. We go back tomorrow for the follow up - to see if the vet thinks things are improving. It doesn't look as 'angry' as it did. . . but it hasn't reduced in size as much as I had hoped. I'm trying not to draw any conclusions & will just keep praying & will wait to see what the vet says tomorrow.

Then there's the fact that my next line with Lecien - Durham Collection Anew (2011) will be arriving tomorrow. . .


So, I've been working furiously on getting my current new quilt design all completed (& I did . . . this morning!) before the UPS man rings the doorbell tomorrow. . . 

For the fabric for this latest design . . . when Nireko (the 'angel' that works at Lecien USA) showed me the new Mrs. March's Basics. . . I fell in love, & knew I needed to use it! I know that Lecien has been thinking of & working on putting together this line for several years & they honestly hit a home-run with it. It is quite large (80 pieces). . . but honestly, if I owned a quilt shop, I would invest in this line. . . the whole thing.  The pieces, the colors, the look (all small prints) are classic. . .  timeless.

When Nireko sent me a fat quarter bundle to use, I could hardly wait to start. I had the idea for my quilt (which will also be done for embroidery & cross-stitch) already in my sketchbook  - so I jumped into the bundle & had the best time!

The quilt, called 'By My Hand', is going to my quilter's tomorrow. . . but I shot a couple of sneak peeks . . . just for you.

I have always loved stitchery, embroidery, cross stitch & especially samplers. . . they are like a personal handmade snapshot into someone's life. . . So, that's what I chose for this quilt. 

This one will definitely be hanging in my studio when it's completed. . . reminding me of what a blessing it is to get to do what I love. . .

 But for now. . . it goes to the hands of Nubin, my quilter (who is also such a blessing to me). . . where I know it will be loved & cared for until it comes back home. 

I promise that I will update you tomorrow with what happens with Bailey's vet visit. For all of you that have been asking about him & praying for him. . . Bailey wanted me to be sure to include him when I thank you, & let you know it how it means so very much to us!

(. . . & he wanted me to be sure to let you know he sends 'licks'!)


Saturday, September 3, 2011

… still feels like summer. . .

Somehow. . . when the calendar says that it's September. . . somewhere deep inside me & long for automatic autumn-y weather. . . a bit of a crisp bite to the air, pretty leaves softly floating off trees. . . but none of that is happening here. We are still having our summer storms in the afternoons & evenings (Bailey is actually getting used to the sound of thunder again!) & the temps aren't even near 'crisp'. But that will come. . . my internal clock is just wanting more sooner than later.

Around here, I've been keeping quite busy in the studio, finishing the cover for a new pattern, & having the best time with a new applique wall hanging. I've loved that about this summer. I have been having the best time creating & making new designs. I have to admit that I had lost a bit of that. After several years designing, I got a little caught up a bit in trying to create things that I thought might fit into what the market seemed to saying was 'in'. . . &. . . um. . . that just didn't work for me. I lost the joy of why I started quilting in the first place. . . & I lost track of who I was as a designer & artist. I prayed about it - because it's a little scary to feel like your about to jump off the proverbial 'band wagon'. . . but I kept being reminded to 'do what you love'. . . & not to try & jump through hoops that I may think are there.

. . . & I must admit, it's still a little scary (I do that to myself too easily sometimes). . . but honestly. . . I'm having the best time in the studio. Some days I can hardly wait to get in there! (. . . like right now. . . I have some applique pieces to prep & I can't wait to play with the fabrics & the process of creating something I'm enjoying so much!)

Also, on the studio side. . . I want to thank you all of you who went to the website & helped me with my 'spring cleaning' at my web site's tag sale! There are still a few things left if you hurry! And. . . just so you know I have just cut the remaining bundles of my fabric collections that we will have available on the website. I want to thank you all so much for your wonderful comments on my fabrics (it means so much!). . . & I'm so glad that you like getting to get all of them! 

Durham Collection - Anew

Georgia Lou

We have made bundles of fat-eighth, fat-quarter, & half-yard bundles of both lines. . . but just as a little  'heads-up'  - what we have on the website is all that we have left . . . & when they're gone. . . they're gone! (Yikes!. . . see I meant it when I said "thank you"!) 

On another little (cute & fluffy) note, (but also something I'm praying about). . .

. . . When the groomer brought Bailey back to the house early yesterday evening (she has a little white bus converted to a grooming studio & comes to the house). . . she had Bailey in her arms & told me that, "We have to talk." Nora (our groomer) is someone I take seriously when she notices things, because she really knows her stuff & really cares about the dogs she grooms.  She then came in & showed me where she had shaved a section of Bailey's inside front let leg. He had a little irritation there a couple of years ago - but we treated it & it went away. . . or so we thought. What Nora just found was an ugly, very dark, mean looking area about a half inch across. My heart sank & I know that when Nora is this concerned - that it means something. Unfortunately it's a holiday weekend. . . but we will go into see the vet next week. . . to have him look at it & have some tests run. (That's why Nora shaved the area - so the vet could clearly see it. Until then, I'm keeping it covered - so that Bailey leaves it alone. I can't believe I didn't see it - but Nora said she didn't either until she was cutting the hair there, & it wasn't there until a few weeks ago. So, hopefully, whatever it might be (. . . & I'm too afraid to think of all it might be) will get caught early enough. So, if you think about it. . . please say a little prayer for my little Bailey. Thanks.

For those of you here in the US, I hope you have a  great holiday weekend. . . & for all - I hope you have a great weekend!