Friday, October 26, 2018

:: Fall on Me - Andrea & Matteo Bocelli

I have always liked Andrea Bocelli & this video of a new song that he is doing with his son Matteo is so good - I just had to share.

Hope you enjoy!

(Once you click on the start button - if you click on the YouTube logo - it will take you to the YouTube page where you can see the full screen version. For some reason, Blogger won't let me choose the width of the video...)


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

:: Kits, Kits... we're making new kits!

While I'm (slowly) working on the 'Dessert Sampler - Color Cuts' kit that Moda created (I'm making two at one time!... I love it that much!!) - I have come to realize how much I really like having a kit when making a new quilt... Everything you need - all put together for you. It takes a lot of pressure off of having to scout around gathering everything needed. 

So with my new fabric collection for Moda - 'Amberley' - getting ready to ship next month, I decided to put together some kits for some of the designs I made with Amberley. You can see three of them here in my booth from Spring Quilt Market. To the left is Betsy's Closet & to the right of that is the appliqué version of Floye's Garden. Then on the lower right is the embroidery version of Floye's Garden. (Which will also be coming to the website soon!) Amberley ships in mid-November & because I've had to order the fabrics months ago... quantities will be limited(!).

The other kit that I'm putting together is with the upcoming 3 Sister's collection for Moda called 'Porcelain'. I have to admit... once again, I've fallen for a 3 Sister's collection. 

As soon as I saw it - I knew that I wanted to make my 'Star of Wonder' quilt with it... & if you like - so can you! I will be ordering the fabrics for the kits very (very) soon - so if you want to secure your kit - please be sure to use the pre-order option. (This is the hard part... but I know that once the orders for fabrics are placed - it's pretty much impossible to guarantee that you can get more.)

I wanted to give you the 'heads-up' that I've added three of the new kits the the website.
You can secure your kit with a pre-order registration for all three upcoming kits.
(You can click on the quilt image to go the website page...)

Oh!... I almost forgot to mention - I've also ordered fabrics for backing for Betsy's Closet & Floye's Garden... If you preorder a kit - you can also order the fabric backing of you wish!

I'm winding down things at my part-time job... & I only have a couple of days next week that I'll be going in & basically saying goodbye. I will mis the great people I've worked alongside for the past years, but I have to admit that I'm so excited to be able to pour myself into so many new ideas I have for Brenda Riddle Designs  |  Acorn Quilt & Gift Company... (one, I will be announcing in December!)

Well... I'm off to get a in little more sewing time. I won't be going to Fall Market this year - so I'm keeping myself busy with some new designs & putting together lots of fun things for the web-shop.

Hope you have a wonderful week!!!  🍃🍂🍁🌿