Tuesday, June 24, 2014

:: doing a little happy dance here. . .!

Yep. . . it's true. (!!!!)
… but feel free to pinch me, 'cause there are times I can hardly believe it.

I am so happy to announce that my next fabric line will be making it's appearance at Fall Market with Moda.
(… insert girl doing happy dance for the umpteenth time…)

It's called Ambleside.

…& I couldn't be more pleased.

(… & it's been so very hard to keep it secret until now! Whew.)

Here's a little peek of one of the colorways.

:-)  ! ! ! 
(a trillion times squared)

… um… If you need me… I'll be in the studio.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

:: officially summer

A month. . . really? 
It's been that long since I posted here on the blog?
Oh my. 
Sorry blog. . . I didn't mean to neglect you. . . & I'm so sorry to my sweet blog visitors. 
I really didn't mean for so much time to pass between postings. Honest.

Life has (obviously) been keeping me hopping, & although I have gotten much better about setting more of a schedule for myself (one of the downsides to working completely from home) - there have been quite a few days this past month that have complete taken me to places that were not on my 'to-do' list! But that's okay. . . it's called 'life'.

I have been quite busy finishing up several quilts (two of which sold for 'Quilted Comfort' - thank you!), some miniature sized just-for-fun blocks, & finishing several patterns. I'm holding onto some of the patterns because they are either in need of being quilted &/or I know that quilt shops are a bit inundated with 'new' patterns - so soon after Spring Market - so my plan is to release the patterns around mid to late July.

(… & for all of you who sent me emails letting me know you wanted to be a part of 'Quilted Comfort', I thank you sooo much, & didn't forget about you! I sent the letter I will send to you to the organization we will be working through - as I wanted their 'OK" & I got approval & some additional good news(!). So, I will get the update made to the letter & send it out this week.) If you aren't aware of what 'Quilted Comfort' is all about, you can click on the 'Quilted Comfort Project' page link at the top of the page.

We've (w/Bailey assisting) also been spending some fun time outside. We now having to time it as to when we go outside to work in the yard - as the temps are hitting 100° (F) or close to it on a regular basis now. Even though today is the first day of summer - it always feels like summer arrives here several weeks before the official start. . . & we feel like, 'yah - been there - done that' way before the calendar start for summer.

For Father's Day - I wanted to do something special for Dad. . . but he wasn't a big help whenever I would ask him what he wanted to do. . . (stinker!) - so I made him his favorite cookies - molasses cookies, & I made him one of his favorite things (& they are few in number). . . Hot Dogs (we're so fancy!). I got some really good all beef, bun length franks & then all the fixens he likes. I also went to our favorite cafe - where they make their own potato chips & got some 'to-go' & we had those as well. (He must have liked that because two days later - he came home from the cafe with another 'to-go' order of them!

While having some fun in the studio, I was making some assembly samples for a club that I've been teaching locally. . . (called 'little acorns club'), & after the class - I came home & finished making the little star blocks (they are addicting to make!!)  & thought how fun it would be to kit the little quilt - called 'little shining stars'. So. . . I did! I only have a limited number of kits (I'm actually on my second batch of kits already) - & they are already on the website. . . (here!)  I love the golden-y colorway & how it can work year-round. . . for summer (like sunflowers(!), & it would be great with a blue table-runner underneath for a July 4th table setting), autumn, winter holidays, & spring too!

Speaking of kits. . . I did make up another batch of Betsy's Closet - In Stitches kits - using the last Durham Anew Collection fabrics I designed. These too are limited as I'm getting to the end of my fabrics. You can find them (here).

I've got some other news that I'll do my best to post this week... (including one piece of news that I'm practically bursting to tell you. . . but that I must get permission to do so (!!!)).

Until then, I wish for you a wonderful start to your summer days (or winter for my southern hemisphere  friends!) & hope that you get time to create & stitch!