Wednesday, November 6, 2019

:: Mix It Up Blog Hop

Hi folks! 

If you are looking for my ‘Mix It Up’ blog hop post, 
you can find it HERE at the new blog/ journal.

See you there! 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

:: Sample Quilts Sale!

 As much as I would love to hold on to all of my quilts - that is just not an option any more & so, from time to time - I make some these available for purchase!

These quilts are some that I have made as samples for some of my quilt patterns & books, & classes I have taught... & each one has a part of my heart in some way. But, I would love for them to find good homes - so all the sample quilts are 40% off!

(The sample quilts are still posted on my soon-to-be-gone older website, but when the old website goes down (probably around the beginning of December) - the Sample quilts page will be gone too.)

Here's a peek at some of the quilts listed...

Betsy's Closet (the original!)

Meadow (made with 'Ambleside')

Around the Corner  (made with 'Celebration' - my first fabric collection!)

Garden Windows  (made with French General's Rouinerries)

Gatehouse Gardens (made with hand-dyed wool on Primitive Gatherings flannels)

Soft Breezes (made with Simplicity by 3 Sisters)

Stitching Winter Memories  (redwork embroidery)

If you are interested in any of these quilts, for yourself, or for a wonderful Christmas present for someone special - you can find them by clicking HERE!

Well, it's the weekend here... & my to do list is calling... so I hope you have a wonderful day!