Friday, January 2, 2015

:: fall market & the new designs… (finally!)

Oh my... Where do I begin?!!! The past several weeks are quite a blur... filled with lots of
deadlines, travel, getting to see friends I haven't seen for what seems like ages, Quilt Market, meeting many new wonderful folks, more travel, & finally home. Sweet home.

Okay... so... Quilt Market... I have been doing quilt market for the past 10 years (taking a break for the last two years), & I can say without a doubt, this was the most fun I've ever had at Market. This was my first Market with designing a fabric line with Moda, & wow!... what a wonderful, magical, heartwarming experience it was. Instead of doing a separate booth, I did a space on one of their two Designer Studio rows. My Moda 'neighbors' were Alma Allen (Blackbird Designs) & Deb Strain, & to put it in a nutshell, it was absolutely amazing. The Moda team is incredible & made me, one of the newbie designers, feel so welcome & taken care of. One of the other new designers to Moda was Jen Kingwell, & for how badly I failed at getting photos of folks, I did get one taken with Jen. (Please excuse my puffy eyes! ...not a lot of sleep happened at Market!)

I did get a few photos of my space, featuring my new fabric line with Moda, Ambleside. The fabrics are scheduled to ship in March 2015, & if you want to see Ambleside at your local quilt shop, be sure to let your local quilt shop wonder know! We will be offering kits for a couple of the quilts, & pre-orders for these kits will be happening soon! I'm so excited about this line & the whole experience of working with Moda/United Notions as a designer. I honestly can't say enough good things about them.

The last five photos are do the new patterns that are (finally) available. I've posted them to the website, & they are available as printed patterns & also PDF versions. (See previous post about the new way we are 'delivering' the PDF patterns.) I'm also adding something new to the new pattern release, & that is for a limited time, we will package the new patterns together & if you get the new patterns as a package, you will get them at a discount! For this new set of patterns that will basically equal getting one of the new patterns free! (... & yes there is also discounted new pattern package available for PDFs!)

I will be featuring each of the new designs on the next few posts... I had such fun making them all! And, keep checking back (& on Instagram too!), as I will be posting about the kits we will be making for the new designs... soon!

I hope you have a sweet start to the beginning of this new year. I sure did, as we welcomed the new year with a blanket of snow! We usually get a dusting of snow each year, but this was a wonderful surprise! It was gone by the end of the day, but we sure enjoyed it while it lasted.