Friday, August 26, 2011

… 'tag sale' (more!)

I know that will all that is happening in the news. . . (hurricane about to hit the east coast, countries being 'liberated'). . . this little piece of news is quite small. . . but if you're like me. . . you love checking out a tag sale!

So, just to let you know - I'm thinking that I've pretty much completed my (3 month long) 'spring clean' of my studio & stash, & I've added several more things  to the 'Tag Sale' page on the website. I've placed some wonderful things - some that I'm sharing some of what I have & some that I have just too much of & never will get to use. I must admit that it was hard to say goodbye to these - as I've used them all & love them all. But - I want to give others chances to get to enjoy them too. . .( & you'll notice that the prices are quite sweet as well!)

Here's a little 'taste' of some of the things  you can find: (. . . & there are 2 pages filled!)

Wuthering Heights - fat quarter grouping

Aviary - fat quarter bundle

moda Essential Dots & Stripes - half-yard grouping

Pampered Pooch - layer cake

Wee Play - fat quarter bundle

woven ginghams - 1 yard grouping

Please know that there on only one of most of the items in the tag sale. . . & once their gone. . . well, you know. . .

If you would like to see these items. . . & more (!) you can find them HERE. (. . . & there are two pages of items!)

My prayers are with those on the east coast - in the path of Hurricane Irene - & in the surrounding areas. Although I think you probably have a bit more on your mind than reading blogs these days. . . Please know that there are millions of prayers being lifted up for you & you're loved ones. 


Monday, August 15, 2011

… a bit of morning comfort in a bowl. . .

. . . I don't know what it is about this summer. . .

. . . Usually in the summer I get up super early (before sunrise - around 5 a.m.) . . . which also means I go to bed about 9:30 p.m. , but this summer I have turned into a bit of a night owl & I've been averaging a 11 p.m. - midnight bedtime. (!) That is so late for me! . . . but it's been really hard turning off all the things going 'round in my head & getting myself to beddy-bye.
So that, then, leads to me sleeping in until about 7 a.m. & not having breakfast until about 9. (I can't eat right after getting up. . . I need at least an hour or so. . .)

. . . & that leads me to my next funny thing about this summer. . . my cravings for oatmeal! Usually in the summer - I go for lighter fare &/or cold cereal - but not this summer. . . Now, I am, admittedly, an oatmeal girl. . . but usually I have oats in the autumn & winter when there's a chill in the air. Not any more! Even with our warm summer days - I think I've had more oatmeal for my breakfast in the last 3 months - than I've had in the past couple of years! Thank goodness it's good for you!

I like my oats (doesn't matter to me of they are the steel cut or the quick-cooking. . . I like all kinds (. . . & I must admit I like the ease of the quick-cooking kind. . .)) with two packets of sugar substitute (I'm not picky which kind. . . just whatever is in the cupboard) & then the tiniest smidge of butter. I don't like it swimming in it. . . just so that I get a hint of it from time to time. Then, the must have . . . I sprinkle cinnamon all over the top. (. . . I can tend to go overboard with this step. . . I love cinnamon!).

Then, after grabbing my favorite wooden (handled) spoon & my coffee, if the weather hasn't heated up too much - I head for the back porch & enjoy the start of my day with my morning bowl of comfort.

It's a great way to start the day. . . & these days have been quite full! This past week, I've finished binding three new quilts (one design - made up three ways), worked on the next fabric line (. . . which means many hours on the laptop with Photoshop), & I just finished the new pattern cover for a new series of quilt patterns. . . (a peek this week. . . I promise!) Today, I'm headed over to a dear friends home for a morning of stitching with some friends (sigh!), & then a bit later I'm hoping to get the new quilts photographed. . . & then more quality time with the laptop & the next fabric line. . . 

. . . What's up for you this week? . . . (& I'm really curious. . . thumbs up or down for oatmeal for you?)  . . . Hope you have a great day!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

daybook ::40::

The ('my') mountains - hugged by clouds this morning. . .

for today :: August 3, 2011 (seriously?. . . it's August already?)

outside my window. . .   cloudy, some distant thunder, . . . & everything is damp & washed clean by last evenings rains. (10 hours of thunder, lightening, & rain!. . . (& a little furry bundle next to me in bed, curled up & shaking - until he finally fell asleep. Poor pup!))

I am thinking. . . of my friend, Rosalie . . .

from the kitchen. . .  coffee, . . . & my little (but helpful!) brain just reminded me of the 60% Cacao Ghirardelli chips in the freezer. . .!) yum.

I am wearing. . . t-shirt & shorts. . . (even though we got some rain - it' still a wee bit warm!)

I am creating. . .  a new project that I'm so excited about. . . mixing my love of cross-stitch, embroidery, applique & quilting. . . (!)

I am remembering. . .  that God is in control. (. . . & finding so much comfort in that.)

I am reading. . .   Just finished re-reading 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society' (. . . & loved it even more - if that's possible!), so I'm still working on 'Organized Simplicity' - by Tsh Oxenreider, & 'One Thousand Gifts' (so good - I want to re-read to catch what I might have missed the first time.)

I am hoping . . .  to get the hang of some new Photoshop skills that I'm developing (for fabric designing).

I am hearing. . .  the air conditioner trying to decide whether to stay on or turn off. . . (think I'll go turn up the thermostat - so it doesn't have to work so hard!)

around the house. . .  it's wonderfully quiet.

I am going. . .  to stay in today. . . happily flitting from one stitchery project to another. . .

one of my favorite things. . .  light filled rooms. . .

a few plans for the rest of the week. . . sew the bindings on two quilts (one I quilted myself!), work on the next fabric line, work on some stitchery, get my Dad a library card (he's devouring books lately!)

from my picture journal . . .
 What it looks like from nearby - when we get afternoon rains. . . (I love our summer rains!)

Also, don't forget about Jackie's (The Noble Wife) blog hop for her new book, 'Fruitful Hands'. Here's who's up for the rest of the week: (be sure to give 'em a visit!)

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Friday:    Sandi Andersen of A Legacy of Stitches

 . . . & don't forget, Jackie is having some great giveaways on her blog!

Hope you have a blessed week.


Monday, August 1, 2011

… Fruitful Hands. . .

When my dear friend Jackie Steves (of the Noble Wife)  told me that she was going to do a book. . . I just knew that it would be wonderful. . . because I know that she puts her heart & soul into her designs. . . 

. . . & when her book arrived the other day. . . it was better than I had even expected!

It's titled, 'Fruitful Hands' - 'A collection of sewing projects & recipes to nurture your soul.'

. . . & when Jackie asked if I would be interested in being a part of a book blog tour for her new book. . . I jumped at the chance! . . . because I don't want anyone to miss out on such a down-to-earth & wonderful experience that Jackie brings to us on the pages of 'Fruitful Hands'.

I told Jackie that I'd like to pick out my favorite project & recipe. . . & I soon realized that it would be harder than I first thought!. . . The more I looked over the pages. . . the more I realized that there were so many things I wanted to try & make for myself!. . . But, since there will be more folks part of this book blog tour (see below!). . . I'm making myself just show one project & one of her yummy recipes (that are scattered throughout the pages).

For my favorite the project that I want to make first (too many favorites now!). . . I'm choosing the 'Heartfelt Home' Floor Mat.

If you know me. . . you know that I love wool, & this project is so charming (& is so Jackie!). . . & I can't wait to get started! Wool is so lovely to work with. . . & if you've never tried it - this would be a great project to start with!

For my favorite recipe from 'Fruitful Hands' - I picked the 'Sunshine Chicken Soup'.
I'm a soup girl - through & through. . . & even though it's in the middle of summer . . . just reading the ingredients (chicken breasts, veggies, onion, garlic, lemon. . . !) makes me want to be sure I have it on hand. . . summer, fall, winter, & spring!

. . . So now you know what's in store for me. . . (at least the first things!). . . but before I end this post, I just have to share one more thing. . .

If you are familiar with Jackie's work - then you know what a wonderful artist she is. One of my overall favorite things about 'Fruitful Hands' is that Jackie's art work is throughout. . . not only in the projects, but also in the diagrams & illustrations.

Here's one of her illustrated instructions. . .

. . . & I mean, really. . . how sweet it this? . . .

. . . so don't miss out giving yourself (& friends!) a wonderful book, filled with charming projects & the sweetest illustrations ever! I know that Jackie is giving away several copies of 'Fruitful Hands' & many other wonderful prizes. . . so don't miss out & give her blog a visit!

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