Tuesday, September 16, 2014

:: oh my . . .


. . . With my last post titled 'carrying on'. . . & two months (!) since then, & no posts from me, you might be wondering just what kind of  'carrying on' has been happening...? (... & for those of you who have sent emails & notes wondering if everything is okay... thank you. Your sweet concern touched my heart!) So, just to let you know everything is fine with Bailey, & Dad is doing fine. He has battled a cold for several weeks that has somewhat 'taken the stuffing out of him', but he is recovering, & has been pretty good about not trying to do too much - too soon. (His usual practice...)

I was planning to put together a post tomorrow, but we are being warned to not be surprised if there are power outages starting tomorrow. For the second week in a row, Southern Arizona weather is being affected by, of all things a hurricane. Last week it was Norbert, & this week it is Odile. Last week, the remnants (& only the outer bands) of Norbert dumped a lot of  rain, & did a good soaking of our ground... & starting tonight, the remnants of hurricane Odile are making a direct path towards us, & with our ground already soaked, they are worried about the flash flooding that could occure. While watching the news this evening, I saw that even Jim Cantore for The Wearher Channel is here in Tucson, & we are told that some members of the Today show are arriving tonight to cover the storm. So... needless to say, we are taking it a bit more seriously & wondering just what might happen. They have said that if you don't have to be out tomorrow... don't go out. Hmmmm.

So, here I am putting together this little post to say "Hi!", & to let you know I'm still here, & to give you a few peeks of my new fabric line with Moda called Ambleside. (& yes, I'm still pinching myself!) My sample fabrics have arrived & I've been crazy busy making the final decisions on new designs & getting projects planned & started. Even though it's exhausting, what fun it's all been!  Bailey isn't quite sure about his mommy being so busy with it all! but I've made sure he gets his share of snuggles & cuddles. In the photo above, he just got his face (eyes) washed & he was waiting to get the curlies brushed out... (He thought he looked too girly...)

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of this autumn season (spring for the So. Hemisphere!)... This is my favorite time of the year... & I can't wait for the cooler temps, & the pretty colors of fall!

Take good care! 
xo, Bren