Monday, February 3, 2020

:: Acorns, Cottages, & 'Godwinks'

I hope you'll join me at my website where my new blog/journal is located - & hear more about the background to the makings of my new book with Martingale, 'Acorn Cottage'.

Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

:: Day by Day

Hi there!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Just wanted to let you know that there is a new post, 'Day by Day', posted on my journal/blog that is now located on my website. (

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

:: Mix It Up Blog Hop

Hi folks! 

If you are looking for my ‘Mix It Up’ blog hop post, 
you can find it HERE at the new blog/ journal.

See you there! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

:: Celebrating Autumn....

This morning right as I got out of bed, I found that I needed to find my long (flannel) jammie pants... as it was very chilly! That, to me, is a sign that autumn is finally arriving! (...& I do a little happy dance!) Here in the southwest of the United States, autumn can often go undetected.
... & this girl loves autumn.

Actually a little over a week ago, I took Dad up to the top of Mt. Lemmon. It was wonderfully chilly & we had to find our sweater & jacket for the trip up the mountain! Mt. Lemmon is the highest peak (a little over 9000 ft.)  of the mountains that we live right next to - the Catalina Mountains. Every fall we drive up to the top & it's a trip worth the drive. It takes a little over an hour to get there - as the road up to the top of the mountain is about 30 minutes away. (We have to drive to the far east side of town & we live on the extreme far northwest side...) 

This year we hit the week of beautiful fall color, & it was beautiful. The aspens against the pines always takes my breath away. I love that, even though I live in Arizona - I'm only an hour away from it feeling like I'm in Colorado.

Our annual little trip is such a special time for both of us. After walking around a bit (that gets harder & harder for Dad each year) we stopped at the log 'Cookie Cabin' for some nice warm coffee & we shared some cookie (they are 8" in diameter - so we took over half home!).  I'm just so thankful that we were able to take our little trip this year... it is a very precious memory.

If you saw the previous post - you will know that the 'old' website (location) is going away. With it - some of the shop categories, such as the Sample Quilts will not be transferring over to the new website (which is now up & running!!!). (Several of the sample quilts have sold since the 40% off sale started (thank you!!) - so be sure to check it out if you think you might want one for you, for a friend, or a gift!)  Currently on the old website ( - you will now also find that numerous other shop categories, those that have more limited inventory, such as Kits & Fabrics) have been moved over to the new website ( As is stands now - the old website will be completely shut-down in December. 

I wish I could give an exact date of when the older website will be gone - but that's up to whenever they (the web host) transfer the domain for me... which they say can take anywhere from 2-20 days. When it does happen - the address will also lead to the new website! (Yes, it will have two website addresses!)

Also - remember that there is a new blog ('Journal') located on the website. You can find it HERE.
 I'm not certain if I'm going to be continuing having both this blog & the new journal... it would just be repetitive... (& extra work)... hmmm... so I'd love your thoughts...!

I hope you have a wonderful day...


Monday, October 21, 2019

:: Comings & Goings

There have so many changes happening around here! There is so much to update, so I’ll try to be as brief as possible (…& hang in there because there will be a ‘reward’ if you get through all the new info!)

So, here we go…!

•••  The new website is ready to go live!!! •••

If you’ve been following me on the blog (soon to be the old blog)… & on Instagram, you might know that I’ve been working on a new website. It’s been about two weeks… & there’s just a few ‘tests’ to run… but it’s finally (almost!) ready to go live! 

The old website ( will still be up & running with reduced inventory (more on that later) for a little while longer - & the new website can be found at ( Eventually - the web address will point to the new website as well.

I’m so excited about the new website… The photos are much larger & you will be able to enlarge them if you need or want to. The patterns will also have the pattern backs available - so you can see the yardage requirements ahead of time. Also, there will be more shipping options as well as payment options. 

You can look for the new website to go live no later than the end of day on Tuesday. (…yippee!)

•••   Sample Quilts   •••

With the move to the new website - I will not be carrying over the sample quilts that have been available. There are a handful left (Including a Betsy’s Closet, Meadow, & Gatehouse quilts!) & I have discounted the prices by 40%!! 

These sample quilts will only be available though the site, & once we close the older website (no later than December 2019) - they will be gone. (Also, for those of you wondering, once the old website is closed - the address will eventually be attached to the new website, as well.)

You can see the quilts here.

As far as the available inventory on the old website - that will be decreasing as soon as the new website is live. Some products (because of needing to keep inventory counts correct) will move completely to the new website.

•••   New Blog/Journal   •••

The blog will also be transferring over to the new website as well… & I invite you to come visit & check it out as soon as the new site goes live. I’m so very excited with the new look, visuals & the feeling of community the new ‘blog’ (which I’m calling my ‘Journal’) has. 

There’s also more - but I think that will do it for now… (whew!)… & if you made it all the way though this post - you deserve a big ‘thank you’ from me! If you’ve followed me for awhile - you know that I have a ‘Counting my blessings’ sale every November. But, with the new website up & running - I’m wanting to share the blessings with you & I’m starting it early! Simply enter the code ‘blessing’ into the discount area in the shopping cart & you will receive 25% off everything! It’s just my small way of letting you know how much I feel blessed to get to do what I do, & what a blessing you are to me!

Once again, thanks so much!


Saturday, October 12, 2019

:: Changes... in process...

There are days (weeks... months...) where I feel like I'm so quiet on the blog & social media front, & I find I feel a little guilty about it... but so often there are a lot of things I'm working on that I can't show while working on them... & these past few weeks have been just like that. (Oddly enough - you'd giggle at how many times I compose posts in my head while I'm working on things... but then I can't really write & post them because of the timetables & keeping things under wraps that I - as a designer - need to work with.)

But - even so, I wanted to touch base - as much as I can, to try to keep in touch with you. And, as I was just writing that sentence, & if you are reading this post... I just want to let you know how much it means to me that you choose to check in on what's happening with my company & with the things I share about my life. It means so much - I can't really express how much it does mean to me. So, thank you for being here!

There are a few things I wanted to let you in on... that have been filling these past few weeks. First is that this past week, I received the strike-offs for my next collection. What that means is that pretty much everything else gets put on the back burner so I can review all of them, sort through them, make any corrections or tweaks, make the notes for all of that & get them sent back to Moda!

So for now... this little sneak peek is all I can show... but I am really excited about these fabrics... the prints & the colorways. They are (of course) still soft, but it is a wonderfully unique collection & I can hardly wait to get the fabrics, make things & surround myself with them!

The other (very, very) big project that I've just been able to get started (after wanting to start on it all summer)... is a new website. It's still a couple of weeks out - as having to wait for domains to transfer can take time... but I'm excited about it. I'm doing it myself - as I like to know how to make changes as needed... & I like doing that myself. (I think it must be part of the graphic design student that still remains inside of me.) I have to admit - it's quite a learning curve since I haven't updated the layout or host of my website for over a decade! (... & oh my how things have changed!) But, I know it will be a great step. You will be able to enlarge photos of designs, see the pattern backs to see the supplies needed, & a lot more payment options.

The other thing that will be contained within the website is a blog... & I will be switching over to posting there as soon as it's all up & running. It will be so great to have everything all in one place!
For now though - the current website will stay up, & hopefully there will a smooth transition! I will let you know as soon as the new website goes live. 

The one thing that will not be on the new website is the page with the sample quilts. I listed a large grouping & they will not be available on the website after the transition. 

SO... I am reducing the prices on all the ones that are currently listed & they are now 40% off! (That includes the original 'Betsy's Closet' quilt & some other quilts where the patterns are being 'retired' - so this will be the last chance.)
If you see one that you would like - but would need to separate the payments into 2 or 3 payments - just email me & let me know & we will be happy to work with you!

So, there you have it...!  My 'exciting' life for the last several weeks...

I'm planning to take Dad up to Mt. Lemmon this next week... for our annual autumn visit, & I'm so ready to see some fall leaves (aspen & maples) & smell the pine trees!

Hope you have a great week!


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

:: A Cover Peek...!!

To say that I'm excited to announce this... would be a huge understatement...!

As soon as I received the 'go-ahead' from Martingale Publishing, I wanted to show you the peek of the cover of my book! ) I've had the cover proof for a few weeks now & it's been sooo hard to not share it!

As you can see, the book has been given the title 'Acorn Cottage' (Quilts with Simple & Sophisticated Style)... which I love. This whole process has been like a dream & I can't wait to share more photos (as soon as I get them!),  & some of the wonderful occurrences (or as some would call them 'God-winks) in the process of the making of this book.

Last week, I sent back the proofs for all the pages, & I couldn't be happier. I am over-the-moon with the photography & the graphics & everything about it. It truly has been the best experience working with the amazing folks at Martingale.

Acorn Cottage is scheduled to be released in January 2020, & so there's a little time for more peeks!

More to come - as soon as I can share!


Thursday, May 9, 2019

:: Finnegan Kits & bundles - time to pre-order!

Hi there...!

Well, I was on a roll with posting all about the new collection, Finnegan... but then 'life' happened.

In the past six weeks, I've had to call 911 two different times... two weeks apart for my Dad, & there have been hospital stays along with those. He had a couple of small strokes, & with the last one some additional complications, but Dad is doing better, & life does go on...! (blessedly!) I'll write more about all the things I'm learning about - through all these 'adventures', but for now - we're working on handling each day as it comes, & counting our blessings.(!)

For today though, I wanted to be sure to mention to you that I've added some new patterns & there are two kits & bundles that can be pre-ordered from my upcoming Finnegan collection... & I just wanted to make sure you got the chance to place your pre-order - if you will be wanting one.
(You can find the website link on the left side column - or to see the new items click here.)

The first kit is called 'Fairwinds' & it is being kitted by Moda. (...& if you've ever purchased a Moda kit - you know that they come packaged in a beautiful boxes that can be used over & over for projects & storage!)

The quilt size for the Fairwinds Quilt kit is 80" x 80".

I'm also kitting another quilt that honestly, I had so much fun making. It's called 'Skippity' & yes, it's made up of a whole bunch of half-square triangles.(!) But I actually found it so relaxing to make! It was repetitive, but for me - it was also so calming as well. So... if ever you've thought of perfecting your HST making... this is definitely the quilt to do it!

The Skippity quilt measures 57" x 68"

Also - there are some Finnegan bundles (fat-quarter & fat-eighth) that you can pre-order...

Why pre-order?
Well... it will guarantee that there will be one available for you to purchase... (& you get a discount for jumping on the bandwagon too!) Currently, I don't have the room to carry very much of an inventory of kits & bundles... so I actually use the pre-order quantities to base my orders from. 

Speaking of when I order... it will be soon... real soon... (Sorry for the short lead-time).
I will be placing my Finnegan order on Monday, May 13... so if you want one, please don't delay!

Oh... & Finnegan fabrics, bundles, & kits are scheduled to arrive mid/late August.

I'm in the crazy midst of Quilt Market prep, currently quilting my final quilt... (not my original plan... but it's keeping me busy & out of trouble!) Then it will be a few days of binding. But I don't mind that at all... & then it's off to Market!

Hope you're having a wonderful week... 


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Finnegan - pebble & sky ::

I'm back with the final two colorways for Finnegan!

First is the 'pebble' colorway. This colorway is becoming a semi-regular in my collections - as I love the grounding it brings. I also love the grey-taupe-linen hue it has. For me it's not too light, not too dark,... it's just right. I first used this colorway with Ambleside my first collection for Moda, & I remember a shop owner coming up to me at that Quilt Market telling me they had ordered the entire collection... & that I, "should always include this colorway!". While it hasn't been in every collection,  it is one of my favorites. (I know... the girl with all the soft colors... & the pebble colorway is one of  my favorites!) In past collections - I've mostly used it as an accent color - but I've always wanted to use it as a background & so for Finnegan - I have a very fun design that uses the 'pebble' colorway for the background!...I can't wait to show you (soon!).

So... if the 'pebble' colorway brings a 'grounding' to the collection - then the perfect compliment to that would be the 'sky' colorway. Once again - I've included a soft blue with just a hint of aqua in it.


I just love the fresh feel this colorway brings to the collection. If you've ever looked closely - I like to use this color in the tiny little accent flowers of many of my floral designs. I just love the way the 'sky' colorway brings a little bit of sparkle... & a breath of fresh air.

So there are the colorways of my Finnegan collection! I hope you will enjoy them! As a reminder, Finnegan is scheduled to arrive in shops around the end of August 2019, but it is being shown to quilt shops as you read this... & so if you want it in your quilt shop... let them know!  Just in case, we will be adding some pre-order options to the website this next week, so if you would like to check those out - be sure to visit the website in the next week or so! (** A little sneak 'heads-up'... there will also be a couple of kits for a couple of the Finnegan quilts available for pre-order too!)

Speaking of new quilts... I do have some new designs I am making with my Finnegan collection - & I will be posting those this next week... Hope you can come back to see!

xo, Bren