Sunday, March 17, 2019

Finnegan - pebble & sky ::

I'm back with the final two colorways for Finnegan!

First is the 'pebble' colorway. This colorway is becoming a semi-regular in my collections - as I love the grounding it brings. I also love the grey-taupe-linen hue it has. For me it's not too light, not too dark,... it's just right. I first used this colorway with Ambleside my first collection for Moda, & I remember a shop owner coming up to me at that Quilt Market telling me they had ordered the entire collection... & that I, "should always include this colorway!". While it hasn't been in every collection,  it is one of my favorites. (I know... the girl with all the soft colors... & the pebble colorway is one of  my favorites!) In past collections - I've mostly used it as an accent color - but I've always wanted to use it as a background & so for Finnegan - I have a very fun design that uses the 'pebble' colorway for the background!...I can't wait to show you (soon!).

So... if the 'pebble' colorway brings a 'grounding' to the collection - then the perfect compliment to that would be the 'sky' colorway. Once again - I've included a soft blue with just a hint of aqua in it.


I just love the fresh feel this colorway brings to the collection. If you've ever looked closely - I like to use this color in the tiny little accent flowers of many of my floral designs. I just love the way the 'sky' colorway brings a little bit of sparkle... & a breath of fresh air.

So there are the colorways of my Finnegan collection! I hope you will enjoy them! As a reminder, Finnegan is scheduled to arrive in shops around the end of August 2019, but it is being shown to quilt shops as you read this... & so if you want it in your quilt shop... let them know!  Just in case, we will be adding some pre-order options to the website this next week, so if you would like to check those out - be sure to visit the website in the next week or so! (** A little sneak 'heads-up'... there will also be a couple of kits for a couple of the Finnegan quilts available for pre-order too!)

Speaking of new quilts... I do have some new designs I am making with my Finnegan collection - & I will be posting those this next week... Hope you can come back to see!

xo, Bren

Friday, March 15, 2019

Finnegan - lilac & sunny ::

Next for the Finnegan colorways, we have lilac & sunny (yellow). I'm so pleased with both these colorways & they have a special place in my heart. 

Both of these colors (along with a light green) were some of my Mom's favorite colors. When I first started quilting, I wanted to make a quilt for my Mom. When I asked her what colors she liked, she responded, "All of them". But, when I pushed her a little more to narrow it down, she told me that when she was a little girl, she had a quilt on her bed that was light green, yellow, & lilac/lavender and she loved it so much! She then told me that she had never really thought about that - but if she had to choose - she would pick those three. (...& she also told me not to make her choose between the three!)

The lilac colorway is a new colorway for me (but I'm thinking it won't be the last!) and I love how it turned out. (I can almost smell lilacs when I look at it... it's too bad we don't have 'scratch & sniff' blog posts!)

And, I couldn't help but name the yellow colorway sunny. I love how it works with all the other colors... so agreeable... so... sunny!

So, these two colorways add a special touch for me to my Finnegan collection. 
I hope you love them to!

xo, Bren

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Finnegan - blossom & sprout ::

The next two Finnegan color ways I wanted to give you closer peeks of are 
Blossom (pink) & Sprout (lt. green). Looking at these makes it feel like you've walked into a spring garden!

I love being surrounded by a soft green... this is such a calming color for me... (I think that's why it's pretty much in every collection I design!) For Finnegan - I'm calling the light green colorway 'sprout'. When I was working in the interior design field - I remember learning that green is actually the most predominant color that we are surrounded by. Also, while some people claim they don't care for green & they don't want it (at all) in their interiors... once it was pointed out that then it would mean that there would be no plants or flowers... & in most cases they would need to have block out curtains (trees, grass plants outside!) ... most every one admitted that why yes!... they actually do like green & want it somewhere in their interiors.  It was always fun when those kind of statements were made - & I have to admit that I enjoyed the process of what I would call 'leading them down the green path'.(!)

The blossom colorway  in Finnegan is a little smaller this time as the pink hue is already on most of the floral prints - regardless of the background. This way - the blossom color is scattered all through the collection - with a few blossom coordinates to accent all the pretty flowers & buds.

Tomorrow I will be back with two more Finnegan color ways... 
(& one of them is a new colorway!)

Hope you're enjoying these Finnegan peeks as much as I am!

xo,  Bren

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Finnegan - linen whites ::

I don't know if you are aware... but a soft white - or what I call 'linen white' is a staple of all of my fabric collections.  It's kind-of like a signature color for me.

I love whites. When I taught art & design - I loved the color theory lessons. It was so fun to introduce students to all the elements & nuances of color and it's relationship with light. One of my favorite aspects of color theory is it's relationship to light, & how it changes & affects color. I think that's why I like white so much... In color theory white represents light & is "the presence of all color".  (I'm going to stop myself there - because I could go on for a very long time with all the amazing facets of color theory...)  But - because I love so many colors... when someone asks me what my 'favorite' color is... I like to say "white!"... because white actually includes all the colors. (!)

Also, I love a soft white... (no surprise there, huh?) and so I use it quite a bit. The soft white that is in each of my collections (that I call 'linen white') is actually from Moda's Bella Solids - Off White (9900-200). I use it all the time & I actually have bolts (& bolts) of it in my studio at all times.

So, the first colorway for Finnegan I'm sharing is the 'linen white' color.
Fresh, clear, clean... There's just something about linen whites!

xo, Bren

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Introducing... Finnegan! ::

I had a very big (& heavy!) box arrive at my house a few weeks ago… and once again, Moda made it feel like Christmas morning at my house.

Finnegan arrived!

Finnegan is the name for my latest collection for Moda Fabrics, and I have admit, I am a bit smitten with it! There are a couple of prints in this collection that have jumped up high on my all time favorites list.(!) The colors for Finnegan are my classic softer palette - with names like sky, sprout, sunny, lilac, blossom pink, pebble, and of course my classic linen-white. All hues that embrace & celebrate the freshness of spring! What’s been fun for me is how well they work set with not only the linen-white, but I’ve been setting them with the pebble colorway as well & I’m loving how they sparkle on both!

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some of the new designs & some of the new patterns that are in the works! If there is something that catches your eye… be sure to let your local quilt shop know, as the Moda Reps (yay for the Moda Reps!) are going around to the quilt shops taking orders for what is known as the March collections… (also known as Pre-Spring Market Collections).

Being part of the Pre-Market collections group is allowing me a little extra time to make all the samples for my new quilt patterns… & for that I am so very thankful! I will have five new quilt designs for you… & I’m having so much fun making them!

So please check in again to see more of Finnegan… & the new patterns!

Thanks so much for checking in with my blog… there are some changes coming (big ones)… & so I sincerely appreciate your visiting (& not giving up on me ever blogging again!)

 ♥ xo, Bren