Tuesday, August 28, 2012

… meet Betsy's litte brother - Benji

I wasn't planning to make a little boy stitchery. . .
. . . but so many emailed & asked if there would be one. . .
. . . so may I introduce 'Betsy's' little brother. . .

' Benji's Pockets - In Stitches'!

I wanted to make this design a little more 'handsome' so I did my stitchery in redwork, 
& I used two of the wonderful Primitive Gathering Muslin fabrics from Moda. 
(I love these fabrics for so many things!)

While the sample I made includes a little baseball uniform & equipment,
for those that would rather - the pattern also includes the option of using 
a little soccer uniform & equipment instead.

Here's a few of the blocks. . .

The pattern is up on the website & we will also have a limited number of kits available. (Shipping will start on Friday, August 31)

Also. . . although we still have some floss kits for Betsy's Closet - In Stitches available, I have sold out of the kits - but there is good news!

Jennifer at ShabbyFabrics.com has put together (one more time!) some more kits for 'Betsy's Closet - In Stitches! You can find them here! (But please know this will be the last number of kits she will have available & when they are gone - they are gone!)

Thank you all . . . for your incredible response to the stitcheries of my little folks.
You have made this all so much fun!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

… weekend sewing

. . . yes, I'm a trimmer
. . . what can I say. . . the neat stacks of freshly trimmed blocks makes me happy.

. . . I've fallen a bit for this one. . . it's extra. . . & I'm thinking it will be for me.

This weekend, I've turned my focus back on a quilt that I started a couple of months ago.
(. . . I've gotten a little sidetracked.)

It's for someone very special. . . & I'm using the same fabrics that I used for
'By My Hand'. . .

. . . It's the 'courthouse steps' block. . . & a little later, I'll explain why I'm making this particular block.
For now. . . as I'm sewing  strips together & these blocks start transforming. . .  I find a smile will spread across my face with memories of the person it is for.

These still have one more 'row' of strips to go. . . & then I've got to decide how I want to put them all together.

. . . decisions I'm more than happy to work on.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

… staying mostly indoors

It's been a very (very!) busy last few weeks! (& very warm - to boot!)

Firstly, for all of you who have shown so much Betsy's Closet - In Stitches love. . .

Thank you.

Wow, folks.

You have kept me so incredibly busy, filling orders, making kits, & shipping. I've hardly had time to work on anything else.
Not complaining.
 Not. at. all.

I haven't even had the chance to send it to my distributors yet (!) . . . Hopefully that will happen next week.

In fact, after many emails asking. . . I've finally decided that,
 yes, there will be a Benji's Pockets - In Stitches as well.
I wasn't planning on doing one, but I've been convinced 
that you would like a little stitchery for a little boy as well.
So, the blocks have been drawn, & I'm deciding on extra little stitching details.
But. . . I have two or three other patterns that I'm in the middle of, 
so I probably won't get to stitching it until next month.

Here in Oro Valley. . . we have had a really nice summer.
Sure, we've had hot days. . . but we've also had a really good 'monsoon season' & wonderful summer rains. . . cooling things off & making the plants bud & bloom & re-bud again & again.
I've actually wanted to post about it - but I've felt so bad for the parts of the country that weren't getting the much needed rains. Please know that if you are in one of those areas - my prayers are with you!

I live in what is known as 'high Sonoran desert', & then I also live at the foothills of a little mountain range - so it's not the typical 'desert' scene. We have dirt - not sand. . . & while there are cacti that grow, there are actually more brush & trees. I live north of Tucson, AZ. . . which is truly a very small city. 
(. . . & I like it that way!)

Sometimes though, it's nice to get to a bigger city - where there are lots more to choose from - shopping wise. . . & I end up going up to Phoenix about once a month. Often it's with some dear friends & we make it a 'retreat weekend' - sewing & stitching. I love those. . .  (& need them!)

Last month, & also this month. . . on the weekends that we went up to Phoenix (which is much hotter & is not surrounded by mountains - like the Tucson area is. . .) we experienced one of these. . . (!)

In fact, I got this photo of the dust storm that hit Phoenix last month while we were there.
(. . . No, I didn't take it, I got from weather.com. . . we were (thankfully) sealed up in the house we were staying at!)

What an experience (that I have now experienced twice!). You can see it coming. . . & then the wind blows like crazy & then the dust. . . It blocks out the sun, it get's a bit dark. . . & there's really nothing you can do. Since Phoenix is not surrounded by mountains. . . when the summer storms build up, the winds that bring them can stir up the dust from the desert & it all comes like a wall. Once it hits - it takes about 15 minutes or so for it to pass by. . . leaving a coating of fine dust/powder.
I have to admit. . . it was actually kinda fun.
Um. . . except the last time. . . when I remembered, just as it had hit. . . that because of the 100+ degree temps - I had cracked open the windows in my car. . .
Yep, now I do know what it's like to be outside in the middle of one of these.
Let's just say there was some major holding-my-breath, & I'm not sure - but it might have been the fastest I have moved in a very long time. (!)

There was a bit of clean-up needed, but thankfully it wasn't too bad. It's just amazing how the dust/powder travels!

Well, I've spent the day getting orders out. . . & so now it's time for me to sit down & get some stitching done. . . (& pattern writing. . . there's also pattern writing. . . there's always pattern writing!) :o)

So, I hope that you have sunny days & clear skies. . . or rain if you are needing it!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

… a Betsy's stitch-a-long!

I received the most touching email yesterday. . .
from Jenny of Jenny of Elefantz. . . 

I love Jenny. . . she is a wonderful stitchery & quilt designer. . .
& she let me know that she had set up a blog for a Betsy's Closet stitch-a-long. 
She actually also asked if it was okay. . .


Oh my!. . . I was so tickled & pleased. . . & honored!

To think that there will be a group of ladies coming together (virtually at least!)
to stitch my little Betsy's quilt
. . . makes my heart sing.

So. . . if you would like to be a part. . .

. . . & make these little cuties for your own. . .
(. . . or for somebody special!)

You can join here - at the 'Stitching Betsy's Closet' stitch-a-long.

Also, just to let you know. . . you can order the pattern on the website, but there is really good news for those of you who live outside the US. . . I talked with  Shabby Fabrics today & they also have the pattern & for any international orders under $10 - the shipping is only $4.00(!)  (That is much better than we can do on  my website for a single pattern international order - as we only ship via USPS Priority. . .)

If you've been to our website - we have sold out of the kits that we had , but Shabby Fabrics has been making & selling lots (. . . & lots, & Lots, & LOTS!) & they have a few left. (. . . but don't wait too long!)
(At my last look, Shabby Fabrics had sold out of their kits (Thank you Jennifer for making so many!) - & I wasn't going to make more - but I'm digging deep & will be putting a limited number of kits together for shipping next week. You can find the kits here)

We have had floss kits - & have sold out of them (twice) - but with the stitch-a-long, I have just ordered more floss to make more floss-kits - so if you would like one of the floss kits  you can pre-order them here.

Whew! (. . . that's a lot of links for one post!) :o)

I want to thank Jenny & Kathy for hosting this stitch-a-long,
& invite you to visit the stitch-a-long blog & see what everyone is up to!

. . . I know that I will be!


p.s. . . . oh, . . . by-the-way. . . guess what arrived on my doorstep today. . . Hill Farm!