Thursday, May 9, 2019

:: Finnegan Kits & bundles - time to pre-order!

Hi there...!

Well, I was on a roll with posting all about the new collection, Finnegan... but then 'life' happened.

In the past six weeks, I've had to call 911 two different times... two weeks apart for my Dad, & there have been hospital stays along with those. He had a couple of small strokes, & with the last one some additional complications, but Dad is doing better, & life does go on...! (blessedly!) I'll write more about all the things I'm learning about - through all these 'adventures', but for now - we're working on handling each day as it comes, & counting our blessings.(!)

For today though, I wanted to be sure to mention to you that I've added some new patterns & there are two kits & bundles that can be pre-ordered from my upcoming Finnegan collection... & I just wanted to make sure you got the chance to place your pre-order - if you will be wanting one.
(You can find the website link on the left side column - or to see the new items click here.)

The first kit is called 'Fairwinds' & it is being kitted by Moda. (...& if you've ever purchased a Moda kit - you know that they come packaged in a beautiful boxes that can be used over & over for projects & storage!)

The quilt size for the Fairwinds Quilt kit is 80" x 80".

I'm also kitting another quilt that honestly, I had so much fun making. It's called 'Skippity' & yes, it's made up of a whole bunch of half-square triangles.(!) But I actually found it so relaxing to make! It was repetitive, but for me - it was also so calming as well. So... if ever you've thought of perfecting your HST making... this is definitely the quilt to do it!

The Skippity quilt measures 57" x 68"

Also - there are some Finnegan bundles (fat-quarter & fat-eighth) that you can pre-order...

Why pre-order?
Well... it will guarantee that there will be one available for you to purchase... (& you get a discount for jumping on the bandwagon too!) Currently, I don't have the room to carry very much of an inventory of kits & bundles... so I actually use the pre-order quantities to base my orders from. 

Speaking of when I order... it will be soon... real soon... (Sorry for the short lead-time).
I will be placing my Finnegan order on Monday, May 13... so if you want one, please don't delay!

Oh... & Finnegan fabrics, bundles, & kits are scheduled to arrive mid/late August.

I'm in the crazy midst of Quilt Market prep, currently quilting my final quilt... (not my original plan... but it's keeping me busy & out of trouble!) Then it will be a few days of binding. But I don't mind that at all... & then it's off to Market!

Hope you're having a wonderful week...