Saturday, July 23, 2016

:: Bella & Gingham Love...

This is just a little post - just to let you know (if you don’t know already) that I’ve added some sweet little bundles to the website. One of these bundles is a selection of some of the sweet little ginghams that are from my Moda fabric collections. (By-the-way the ginghams are printed on the diagonal - so they are also great for binding!) There are currently twelve colors in the bundles &  are available in fat-quarter & half-yard bundles. I’ve received a couple of requests for a one-yard bundle, so if that’s more of what you would like - just email me & we will be happy to put that together for you.

The other bundles are bundles of twelve Bella Solids that work wonderfully with all of my Moda collections. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this - but I have chosen & specified the colors for my fabric collections using colors already in Bella Solids. So, I’ve chose the twelve that I’ve used the most (& that I love!!) & we’ve got them available for you to enjoy as well! They can be used to extend any of my fabric collections as well as looking really pretty all on their own. They are also available on the website in fat-quarter & half-yard bundles... & just like with the gingham - if you might be interested in a one-yard bundle of the Bella Solids... email me.

Now I’m off to the studio...
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

:: More patterns... & oh!... those Scrap-bags!

Lookie!... I'm back... & not after a months absence! 
(I'm trying!... I'm really trying hard!)

So... on with the new pattern introductions...

The next recently released pattern is actually a favorite design from my book ‘Comfort & Joy’ with some updates & a much requested mini version. (Which is a true miniature - the full size scaled down to a baby quilt or smaller wall quilt size.) It’s called ‘Coventry’ & it’s a wonderfully classic star block in a quilt always lends an aire of both comfort & sophistication at the same time. Here the Ohio Star blocks are placed with setting squares - giving the quilt an airy-ness & then bordered withfun ‘dotted” borders. This quilt could be made an any colorway & look wonderful!

The final recently released pattern is called ‘Hopscotch’  - a classic quilt design brought to you with two setting options - straight set - or on point... and two sizes for each - so that you have four options to make the size for any occasion! I had so much fun with this design - as it can be made with either your stash of fabrics - or simplified even more with using a Layer Cake™ (for the larger sizes) - or a charm pack (for the smaller sizes) & some background & border fabrics. In fact - I will be kitting this pattern in a couple of the options & there will be a pre-order opportunity coming up in the next month... so if that sounds good to you - keep checking back! (If you are signed up for the e-newsletter - you will get the first opportunity to sign up! - You can sign up for the e-newsletter either through the link at the top of the page (if you are looking at this page on a computer or on the web version) - or to make things easier - by clicking here!

The bundles & scrap bags I mentioned in the last post have been flying out the door (thank you!) & some are already sold out. So, if you’re thinking about getting some... don’t delay. It’s been fun with the scrap bags - squishing them down to get as many into a box (or a smaller box) for reduced shipping costs (that we refund back to you!).... We’ve been kept very busy!

Hope you’re having a good summer. I’m keeping busy with getting new designs started for the next fabric line, as well as looking at what’s in store for next year (already!)... & trying to avoid the summer heat. We had a really nice lingering spring this year - & usually we ease into summer temperatures - but not this year. We went from days into the 70’s - 80’s straight to the 110’s. Ouch. Thankfully, our monsoon season has started & we’re getting some rainy days that help cool things off a little. But the silver lining is that it makes for perfect times to stay indoors (where there’s air conditioning!) & get stitchery & designing & pattern writing done.

Here’s to keeping cool! (or warm for you in the southern hemisphere!)


Sunday, July 17, 2016

:: Already?... it’s mid-July already?... Oh my!

I have to admit... the summer & events are distracting me something fierce! I was going to introduce each of the new patterns last month.... & so much more. (sigh) I will also admit that because of the ease of Instagram, I had thought a lot about whether to end blogging or not... but then Instagram changed from a chronilogical order of posts to one that is pretty random. (I hear it’s the same as Facebook’s algorithm - which makes no sense to me & is a big reason I really don’t ‘do’ Facebook.) So... I’m going to really try to be better about posting here on the blog. (... & I know you’ve probaby heard that before from me... so I appreciate you humoring me here & for your patience!)

Here's what's new on the website!...

Ambleside - fat eighth & fat quarter bundles

Windermere - fat eighth & fat quarter bundles


Bespoke Blooms - fat eighth & fat quarter bundles

Fleurs - fat eighth & fat quarter bundles

Before I get to the pattern intoductons - I wanted to give you the heads-up that I have been in the studio for the past few weeks & have been bundling & packing scrap-bags & have a bunch of new bundles available on the website! For most of the bundles - many are the last of the fabrics I have available so when they’re gone - I won’t be able to offer them again. Also, there are three types of scrap-bags & for a limed time they are priced at only $5!

So, on to the new designs...
Here’s the first of the new patterns featuring the fabrics from my upcoming fabric collection for Moda - called ‘Fleurs’. The first pattern is called ‘Snowflake Fleurs’... a vintage design inspired by one of the beautiful quilts from the ‘Infinite Variety - Red and White Quilts’ exhibition. While the original quilt was white appliqué on a red background, this version playes with a scrappier variety of fabrics & a little version as well! I had so much fun making this quilt - that I also made a smaller version using the reds & greens from ‘Fleurs’ that I can use for a Christmas table topper or sweet little wall quilt.

The next quilt is called ‘Little Stitches’. I just love stitchery, & I know this love of stitchery is shared by many quilters. These quilts celebrate those stitches with wonderfully simple blocks in settings to echo a couple of my favorite stitches. I hope you enjoy the cross between quilting & stitching as much as I do! ... & you’ll notice there’s two versions of this design (one of them being red & green version again... Which hopefully shows how wonderfully flexible the ‘Fleurs’ line is!).

I’ll be back with some more designs & goodies!

(Thanks again for your putting up with my sporadic posting...!)

(p.s. You can find all of the items on this post in the 'New Items' section on the website.)