Thursday, June 23, 2011

. . . summer is definitely here. . .

. . . & we have the temperatures to prove it (. . .108° F yesterday & it's supposed to "cool" down to 107° today. (Thank you to our weatherman for 'trying' to make us feel cooler!))

Bailey also has his summer haircut. . . which means shorter ears & everything cropped a wee bit shorter. He got his trim last week & he is quite happy to have less fluff for dealing with these warmer days. Here he is on one of his lookout spots. . . on one of the chairs at the edge of my studio, where he can see out a set of sliding glass doors to the backyard . . . (must keep track of the birdies & bunnies!) When it's this hot. . . we make sure we get a good walk started no later than 6 am (before the heat of the sun rising over the mountains hits) . . . & then he rotates his posts from this chair, one in the living room, & sometimes spread out on the wood floor (it's the coolest spot) after he's been outside for a 'business meeting'.

Summer officially started on June 21st (a day I always remember, as it was Mom's birthday), but we can 'feel' summer here around the middle of May. We have been surrounded by some awful wildfires here. . . so we are praying that the monsoons (our summer rains) come soon. . . we need rain so very badly!

I've been keeping busy with several new projects. . . (& you've been keeping me quite busy with the tag sale & pattern. book sale on the website!. . . Thank you!) . . . Just to let you know. . . I've just added two sample quilts for sale (. . . It's amazing what you find when you clean sweep though everything in the closets!). Both are the 'Meadow' quilt, one version done in 30's repro fabrics, & one done in moda's Mistletoe Manor fabric line. You can find them here. Here's a little peek:

Tomorrow, I will be taking Dad to the hospital, where he is having to have some surgery. It's not considered 'major' surgery, but they do have to do general anesthesia, & that gets a bit more worrisome now that he's 83 (. . . or 83½, as he says!).  Hopefully he will get to come home at the end of the day (we go in at 8:30 am) & so I'll be 'nurse' for the next few days. . . (or as I tell him. . . I get to  take care of him & boss him around!) :o)

Hope you are having a sweet start to your summer!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

. . . Daddy

(Dad letting me "help" plant in the backyard garden.)

No matter how many years go by. . .
. . . he will always be my 'Daddy'

Happy Father's Day, Dad. . . 
Oh, how I do love you!