Monday, May 31, 2010

… Memorial Day rememberances

May we always remember, & may we live our lives in a way that brings them honor as well.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

… a bit of catching up

Yep. . . I did get (almost) everything done for Spring Quilt Market. . .

Yep. . . I did go to Market. . .

But. . .

. . . while at Market, I got the flu. . . or a really, really bad cold. . . that is still going on!


So, while I'd love to say that I have a bunch of wonderful photos for you, I actually only have a couple of fairly fuzzy pics. (What can I say, with a fever - the thought of even taking a photo - hardly even occurred to me!)

But I do have this. . .

Bailey has been my constant companion since I have returned home. What a sweetie. I'm actually surprised that he puts up with all my coughing (hacking really). I think I'd certainly go for cover (& quiet!) in another room. The cutest part though is when I talk (or try to) to him - because my voice has gone missing for about a week now. He gives me a look like, "I'm pretty sure it's you. . . but it sure doesn't sound like you!"  Usually, I get pretty squirmy after about a day or two spent in bed. . . but this time, I've had no problem sleeping pretty much all day for day's-on-end now! Maybe that's it!  . . . Bailey is thinking that he's got a new napping buddy!

So . . . this is my very disappointing post-Market post.


I do know that there are bunches of wonderful photos out there (in blog-land) of Spring Market. . .  that would put any that I might have taken to shame.

The good news is that the good ol' days of Market seem to making a bit of a comeback . . . as everyone I spoke too thought that this Market was much busier & upbeat. Now, . . . that fact that Spring Market was in Minneapolis (where they really know how to 'do' nice!)  might have had a bit to do with it, but it really did seem to be much busier than the past couple of Markets. (Good news!)

While I did not have my own booth (thank goodness! - as I had to cut two of my Market days short to simply sleep!), I did have fun seeing some of my new designs 'around'.  A few of my new designs were in the United Notions booth (Thank you Debbie!) & the rest were in the Lecien booth - for my new fabric line, Durham Collection - Anew. I had so much fun playing with the fabrics in all sorts of little projects - & I'll give you some peeks as soon as I get some photos taken. It was also so much fun to see the projects that others made with the fabrics. (One of my favorite things!!!) By the way - the new free pattern for Durham - Anew is up on the Lecien website & I've put a link to it up in the left-side column. It's called 'Sweet Dreams' & is super simple & finishes as a perfect nap size quilt (can you tell what's on my mind?) - or as a twin coverlet size. A super easy weekend quilt.

Oh - for those of you wondering - the patterns for the new designs will start being released starting mid-June - & I will have the official photos up soon. Promise!

Okay - with no more photos. . . & the only thing else to really update you about being 'cold' related. . . I'm thinking that I'd better sign off now . . . (or else I'd chase you away forever!)

Back soon. . .  & everyone. . . take your vitamin 'C'!!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

daybook ::19::

for today :: May 15, 2010

outside my window. . .  it's dark. Moon has already set - so it's really, really dark!

I am thinking. . . of what to pack for Market. . .

from the kitchen. . .  kitchen is closed for the day (& evening). . . but the coffee beans & water are in the coffee maker - all ready for the morning!

I am wearing. . .  jammie top & jammie shorts. . . (it's time for nite-nite!)

I am creating. . . some fun little sewing pouches!. . . that's right! ME making bag-ish items! ("somewhere" - it might have just snowed!)

I am remembering. . .  how much work getting ready for Quilt Market is - even when you're not doing a booth(!)

I am reading. . .  A Lineage of Grace  (Francine Rivers) . . . (slowly - the stories have so much to take in!) & I just got Spoken From The Heart  (Laura Bush) - that I am just starting.

I am hoping . . .  that I don't forget to write something on my 'to-do' list. . . ('cause if it doesn't get on the list - more-than-likely I won't remember it!)

I am hearing. . .  the soft 'whirr' of my overhead fan.

around the house. . . quilts & stitcheries waiting to be packed.

I am going. . . to bed. . . really, really soon.

one of my favorite things. . .  the giggles of little babies. My niece sent me an audio text (I never knew you could!) - of my grand-nephew giggling. . . & I believe it is one of the best sounds in the world!

a few plans for the rest of the week. . . packing & flying to Minneapolis. . . stay with my brother & go to Market!

from my picture journal . . .
. . . some pretties for something for Market.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

… just one more. . .!

I couldn't help myself . . . I just had to make one more little quilt before Market.. . .

. . . using these. . .

. . . the red tonal fabrics from my new line with Lecien, Durham Quilt Collection - Anew.

I know that I already told you about my  love affair  history with this wonderful line here,  but one of the things that I didn't mention is the new addition to the line that I added  - & that is a colorway that is a red tonal. The reds range from a rich red to the wonderfully soft reds & pinks that give the sun-washed look to the designs. (They also work wonderfully with several of the incredible 'basics' from the Color Basic line & Quilter's Basic line that Lecien has.)

. . . and even though I'm not going do a booth at the upcoming Spring Quilt Market - (but I will be there!) - & I have been keeping very busy making a couple of quilts for the Lecien booth using Durham - Anew,. . . I just couldn't help myself to make just one more - using the red tonal colorway. It's at Nubin's (my quilter) & I got a peek at it yesterday - loaded on her longarm frame. I can hardly wait to see it all finished!

Even though I'm not doing a booth at this Market - that hasn't seemed to change the busy-ness factor around here. (In fact - if you've e-mailed me in the past week or so . . . I promise I will try & get caught up with my in-box within the net few days!) I'm still binding quilts & writing patterns & I even have a couple more ideas for the new Durham - Anew fabrics for the Lecien booth. Good thing there are still eight more days before I leave for Market! . . . heaven knows I will be using them all to get everything done!

I've also had to be pretty creative about getting the binding on my quilts. . . See, even though we've had a wonderful spring (& wonderful spring weather!) . . . the temperatures here in Arizona are heading up into the 90's & I'm determined to not turn on the air-conditioning until I absolutely have to. I'm really trying to work on keeping the utilities expenses down this year & it's become kind of a challenge/contest with myself as to how good I can be. But. . . it's getting quite tempting to turn on the air - when covered in a quilt as I'm binding it . . . & it's in the mid 90's outside! But I've been really good about opening up the windows in the early morning & then closing things up as the temps start to rise & then making sure to tilt the wooden blinds - just s0 - so the late afternoon sun doesn't fill the studio - heating everything up beyond a workable comfort level. But so far. . . it's all worked out (with the help of the overhead fans - of course!) . . . & I'm so pleased that we've made it into May without turning on the air.

. . . Now - today I'll be binding my new quilt  (using Joanna's beautiful 'Fresh Cottons' line - peeks soon!). . . & it's a big 80"x 80" - & it's supposed to get into the mid-90's today. . . so I'm thinking that I may just be turning up the fan just a wee bit!  :o)

Hope you are having a great weekend & for all you Moms out there - 'loves' for you & all you do as 'Mom'. What a blessing our Moms are. . . There should be more than one day to celebrate you!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

daybook ::18::

for today :: May 5, 2010

outside my window. . .  the jasmine & orange blossoms are still working up a storm. . . it smells wonderful! . . . the sun is up. . . the weatherman says the sun is gonna be working hard this week! We're warming up!

I am thinking. . . of new ways to design/present my patterns. Met with a shop owner yesterday & got some good feedback. . .

from the kitchen. . .  coffee . . . so far. There will be salads this week. . . lots of salads. . . . Always the meal of choice when the weather warms. . . (well - that & gelato!)

I am wearing. . .  grey tee, pink shorts. . . 

I am creating. . . some piecing & applique today!. . .

I am remembering. . .  how much time I save when Dad is here to be my pattern stuffer - & post office/UPS deliverer . . . (Dad is visiting my brother & family in Minneapolis for 2 weeks)

I am reading. . .  A Lineage of Grace (Francine Rivers) . . . (slowly - the stories have so much to take in!)

I am hoping . . .  that Dad & Scott (my brother) have a great time - filled with wonderful memories.

I am hearing. . . Lots of birdie chirping & an owl or two (there are a pair nesting next-door!).

around the house. . . fabric, fabric everywhere. . . & a good deal of floss thrown in too!

I am going. . . to be a quilt top making machine today!

one of my favorite things. . .  our backyard. . . not at all what someone would think of for an Arizona backyard. . . ours is green with lots of flowers . . . (the only cactus is in a pot!) . . . It's my Dad's wonderful stamp on our home.

a few plans for the rest of the week. . . finishing up as many things as I can for Market. . . (& I'm not even doing a booth!)

from my picture journal . . .

 . . . one of the sweet bloomers in the backyard. . .

♥ Bren

Monday, May 3, 2010

. . . a wee bit busy! . . .

. . . just like everyone else!!

It has been a busy few weeks - so I apologize for not posting very often. It's not that things haven't been happening. . . I've just not been the greatest at taking photos & honestly - I've really not been on the computer much . . except, to work on new patterns. . ! It feels like almost all I've done - blogging-wise - have been my 'daybooks' - but I will try to keep in touch a little better!

About a week ago - when I've been in the midst of stitching & stitching - I received a little package in the mail. . . full of sweet treats & sneak-peeks.

I have been using the variegated Cosmo floss (from Lecien) for one of my up-coming new designs, 'Floye's Garden', & I knew that they were adding about 80 new colors - & skein of each new one was in my little bunch of treats! Oh my!. . . I think played with them for at least 30 minutes - before I made myself put them in a basket so that I could go back to finishing some of the new projects I must get done for Market!

The new line of colors is called SEASONS. . .  & they are beyond beautiful!

See the pretty, yummy colors?

I can't wait to get started on a new project (. . . a design I have done before that  I already had planned to re-do in stitchery. . .)

Also, these little floss organizers were a part of my little package. I had asked Lecien about these & I am ordering a bunch!  I have seen vintage ones - & these capture that look - but are wonderfully sturdy . I got a peek of them & fell. in. love. I can't wait to get a bunch & to wind my pretty new flosses on them. (. . . now - I'd better get my order in!)

Oh, . . . & that design I was thinking about re-doing in stitchery?. . .

. . . my appliqué design 'Seasons'. . .

. . . Kinda perfect, don't you think? ! ?  (I can hardly wait to get started!)

Hope you have a wonderful week!