Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Blockheads 4 - Gentleman's Fancy

 Hi Folks! -

I’ve followed the Blockheads sew-a-long in the past years, so I was so pleased to be invited to add a block this time around!  My block is called ‘Gentleman’s Fancy’ & I chose it in honor of my Dad. 

One of the words that folks used to describe my Dad was ‘dapper’ & so this block seemed perfect!  (When I was a little girl, my Dad was actually chosen as one of the best dressed businessmen in San Diego, & I remember a newspaper article & they had him ‘model suits, for photos for the article!) 

 Even into his ‘sunset’ years, he still was a snappy dresser.


I chose to use some of the fabrics from my upcoming ‘The Shores’ fabric collection, & I’m so excited to see all of the versions that folks create! I love that Moda gives options for each blocks… & now I want to make it in all the options!  You can find the ‘Gentleman’s Fancy’ block here

I hope you have fun making your ‘Gentleman’s Fancy’ block!   

💙  Bren

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Summer Days (...already!)

After writing my last post (about my fabric collection ‘Grace’ finally arriving in shops) (back in December!) - I was determined to post at least once a month…

Then, after starting the year with a welcome visit from my brother (Scott) & his wife (Jodi) in January… another visitor (Covid) decided to join in & their 4 day visit turned into 2 weeks, Now, I have to admit that I secretly loved having them stay longer, but I felt so bad for them. I finally succumbed to the uninvited virus about a week into their visit - even though we had divided the house into basically two parts. For the first week, I got to be the ‘nurse’ & the ‘chef’… as the kitchen was on ‘my side’ of the house. My favorite memory of the whole thing was when I finally tested positive - (I tested negative for the first week) - the first thing Scott said was, “Kitchen’s open!!”  (It did make it so much easier when we could all access all of the house…)

I didn’t really have any major symptoms while I tested positive, but boy… the tired & exhausted feelings lasted for weeks after. All I wanted (& could) do was nap… I think I slept more during that time than I had for months prior. My ability to focus was not showing up… & so once I did start to get back to normal - I was greeted by many looming deadlines. (eek!)

So, that’s pretty much been what’s been happening all spring & early summer. I’m now finally feeling much more caught up - business wise… but my list of projects around the house is one that I haven’t made much of a dent in so far this year. But, I’ll keep working on all the little projects that are a constant ‘companion’(!)

The fun news is - is that since my last post, my fabric collection ‘Cottage Linen Closet' arrived in shops & another collection, ‘The Shores’ was introduced in the early spring & is now being printed as I write this. ‘The Shores’ is what I think of as a ‘follow-up’ collection to Dover. It has the same color ways with a little touch of a soft yellow. I’ve been having fun playing with the sample fabrics. ‘The Shores’ is scheduled to ship in late November 2022.

The Shores(click on logo to see the entire collection)

Also - Moda decided to introduce the collection I created for Fall Market-time - this summer!! (A big surprise to me!)

It’s called ‘Sweet Liberty’, & it’s a new take on a patriotic collection. Actually, what I wanted was a collection that would evoke a softened, faded, well-worn & well-loved prints that celebrate the longstanding blessings of our nation.  ‘Sweet Liberty’ is scheduled to ship in February 2023.

(click on logo to see the entire collection)


So… with new collections - come new patterns & I’ll be back to first share the four patterns for ‘The Shores’… & then the four patterns for Sweet Liberty.  I’ve had a lot of fun designing all of them & I’m so looking forward to giving you some of the backstory for them…! 

Until then - I hope you are taking good care & while you’re at it… Emmie wants me to be sure to tell you to give your furry kids some extra loves!



♥︎  Bren

(OH…!!!  I almost forgot! - I had so much fun with the summer sale that just ended… (Wow, you all kept me so busy!) Well, I decided that because it was so much fun - I wanted to extend it for all of my journal/blog readers. Just for you - there will be 20% off all items through the end of August - just be sure to use the code SUMMER20 when you checkout. I just wanted to thank you for visiting & to let you know how much you mean to me! ♥︎)