Monday, February 7, 2011

daybook ::37::

for today :: February 7, 2011

outside my window. . .   dark & a chilly 37°! 
(There's just a sliver of a moon. . . & it's only 3:45 a.m. I woke up at about 12:30 & after a couple of hours, I gave up falling back asleep. . . & so I've been updating my book list (in the left column) & thought it would be fun to do this week's daybook - before dawn even arrives! . . .

I am thinking. . . of what projects I want to prep for a personal retreat that I'm taking soon.

from the kitchen. . .  just the night-light over the stove. . . but turning on the coffee sounds really tempting. . .

I am wearing. . .  jammies. (with a side of quilts & a soft warm puppers curled up beside me.

I am creating. . .  finishing the quilting on the last of my two new embroidery projects. Also the sketchbook is filled with bunches of new ideas. . . I could fill a book!

I am remembering. . .  honestly. . . not much at this hour(!).

I am reading. . .   'The Scarlet Thread' - by Francine Rivers. 

I am hoping . . .  to do better at walking. . . (I've been slacking a bit.)

I am hearing. . .  the heater just kicked on. . . otherwise just the soft whirl of my laptop fan. . . (oh, & the little snores of said puppers)

around the house. . .  I've got projects in all sorts of stages in the studio. I still have winter quilts out - but I'm thinking that will get changed in the next week as out temperatures are going back up to spring-like temps! (yea!)

I am going. . .  later today. . . (after the sun rises. . .) to the market. I'm out of almost everything except milk & oatmeal!

one of my favorite things. . .  soups. . . I'm a soup girl. . . wouldn't mind having it every day.

a few plans for the rest of the week. . . prepping new projects. . . getting bindings ready for 3 quilts. . . & taking Dad out to lunch.

from my picture journal . . .

Hope you have a week filled with wonder!


Dianne said...

Sorry you've gotten so little sleep...but it does sound like you've been productive!

luvtoquilt said...

Oh, Brenda, I WISH I could quilt like that amazing picture from your picture journal -- I know, practice, practice, practice. That is so beautiful. Have a good day -- bet you'll be ready to go to bed by 8:00 tonight!

Anonymous said...

Brenda, You must have a peek at you on my blog on Nov 15, when Rosie, Melly ,and I came home from Market.

Jacquelynne said...

I love those quiet hours of the early (early!!) morning when no one else is up. Have a peaceful day.

Vicky said...

Early mornings are my favorite time of day. I love the quiet! And I am utterly and hopelessly in love with the quilt you have pictured! I gasped out loud when I saw it! Gorgeous!

fialka012 said...

Hezké věci...


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