Saturday, February 5, 2011

… a wee bit chilly

(Okay. . . actually. . . in my heart I want to say how incredibly cold it's been. . . but in respect for all the folks who live in the midwest & east that have had such overwhelming amounts of snow & cold. . . I wont. . .  (quite).)

But. . . oh my! For a town in southwest Arizona, we have had quite the chilly temps! For several days, we broke the records (some back to the 1800's, & some for all time) for overnight lows & daily temps. I have lived here for 20 years & every winter we have a few nights of a hard frost warnings when we have to cover over the small plants, but we actually had a few days where the highs didn't even get out of the 20's (F)! It was down into the teens overnight & with wind-chill, we actually hit 0°! If we would have had any precipitation - we would have had quite a bit of snow.  . . . But we didn't. . . just cold. (. . . um, I mean *chilly temps*.)  If it weren't so serious - it was kind of amusing to hear the evening newscasters trying to warn & teach folks about how easy it would be to get frostbite & hypothermia.

Here. . . in Southern Arizona. . . Incredible.

The photos are from a couple of the fountains that we have in the backyard that became frozen. (Too bad there weren't any birdies there. . . they could have had some great ice-skating parties!) (click on the photos to see all the frosty goodness!)

Okay. . . (again). . . I actually was quite excited about all this! It is great fun to have such a difference in weather here. . . & to get yo wear my wool coat!  (Although I did feel bad for the folks who travelled here to get away from the winter weather back home.)

And. . . to end this little post in a fairy tale sort-of way. . . we should be back into the 70's by Monday! 

Hope you have a great weekend! (. . . keep warm!)



PamKittyMorning said...

Holy cow Bren, that's just crazy!

Vicky said...

Wow, whodathunkit? At least you have a nice warm coat. I don't even own one! Thanks for sharing. The pics are beautiful.

Samantha said...

The 70's! It's been months since we've seen temps like that! Enjoy your beautiful weather (and maybe make up the sofa bed- I think I need a respite from the snow.)