Friday, October 1, 2010

… a bit of wonder

Oh my!. . . time is flying by this year, isn't it !?!  Here I was going to follow up with how my fabric designing process goes. . . & 'life' takes over. . .! 

I am "on the road" (so-to-speak) & I have hardly been able to even get caught up with my emails. . . Last weekend I went to the TNNA (The National Needlework Association) Needlework Market in St. Charles, MO (just west of St. Louis). . . just to check it out -  (I loved it!) - for the future. . . (more on that a bit later. . .!) My good friend (& Lecien colleague) Nireko, joined me & we had lots of fun visiting the vendors in their hotel suites. TNNA has four Markets each year & two of them are in large convention centers & two of them are held in hotels that have all suites & the vendors set up their products right there in their suites!. . . I loved the home-y feel of this option. . . I learned so much with this visit & Nireko & I did our fair share of boosting the economy!)

Since the weekend, I've been here in Minneapolis, MN - visiting my brother & his family & taking in the amazing autumn colors. Everyone here keeps telling me that the colors aren't as bright this year. . . but I'm in autumn - heaven. . . I think it's incredibly beautiful!  My brother & his family live  by a wetland preserve & there are wonderful trails that surround it. . . perfect for walks. . .

I took these photos with my iPhone (also used it for the Google mapping app that comes with it. . . to be sure I could find my way home!), as I forgot to pack my camera. . . (fall colors & no camera. . . what was I thinking?!) Next time. . . I will not forget.  I've also decided that this will now be an annual trip. . . I love autumn too much to miss it year after year. In Arizona we have what are lovingly referred to as 'winter visitors' (or 'snowbirds') - of the folks who live in the northern states - who come & live in Arizona for the winter months. I've decided that I am going to be an 'autumn visitor' of a 'fallbird' & go north each fall - just to see the colors. (. . . & I'm making plans & reservations already for next year!)

I only have one more day & then it's back home - where the temps have been in the high 90's - low 100's! this week! Dad & Bailey have been "holding down the fort", & although I brought stitching (& a quilt to bind!) with me - there is still bunches of things still to do to get ready for Market at the end of October.  (. . .of which I can hardly believe that it's already October!. . . I'm still trying to get used to the fact that it is was September!)

I promise that when I get back home - I will pick up with the fabric designing posts . . . Until then - I'm headed out to the trails at least a few more times. . . I figure I can get in a couple of more walks before I have to head for the airport.

Happy October everyone!



Quiltbenaco said...

Grazie per le foto!
Bellissime immagini!

luvtoquilt said...

I grew up in Minneapolis, and that will always be home. My sister still lives there and thankfully I get to go back a couple times a year -- wish I were there now. Your pictures make me homesick. It is in the 90's here in California, too, and it sure doesn't feel like fall!

Samantha said...

Enjoy the cool weather and walks (I bet Bailey wishes he were there taking walks with you!)