Monday, January 3, 2011

daybook ::36::

for today :: January 3, 2011

outside my window. . .   clear & cool cold! (32°!)

I am thinking. . . of what I need to add to the to-do list for the week.

from the kitchen. . .  oatmeal & coffee. Yum. . . a great way to start a winter day.

I am wearing. . .  t-shirt & brown pants, pink sweater & socks. 

I am creating. . .  still working on my two new embroidery projects. Decided to add an embroidered border to one version. . . & that should be done by the end of the day!  ☺

I am remembering. . .  the lessons I learned this past year.

I am reading. . .   'The Scarlet Thread' - by Francine Rivers. 

I am hoping . . .  to be a better letter writer this year

I am hearing. . .  HGTV in the background. . . (& realizing I really have no idea why the TV is on!)

around the house. . .  the last of the decorations that I keep putting off taking down. . . (I just love the boughs with lights. . . I'd leave them up all year if I could!)

I am going. . .  to the bank, Office Max to buy printer ink cartridges & office supplies (I have my 20% off bag!), & then the market (I haven't been since last year! ☺), & then it's back to 'play' in the studio.

one of my favorite things. . .  actual cold days in winter. (I just love having to wear a sweater!)

a few plans for the rest of the week. . . finishing the new designs, writing the instructions, & getting the first draft done for a freelance graphic design project. Also, I need to dive in & gather all the 2010 things from the office & get it organized for this new year. . . so, my blog posting might be a little scarce this week!

from my picture journal . . .
 . . . part of one of my 'goals' for the new year. . . to eat more fruit! I frantically went out & picked all the tangerines I could from our tree - as we have had hard frosts for several nights -  so that we wouldn't loose them. . . & it ended up that they were perfect for picking. . . yum!

Wishing you days filled with sweet memories for this new year!


Ina said...

I love the cool weather!! It makes all the quilts lying around this house have function AND beauty. ;0

Createology said...

Wonderful post. Thankfully there are those of you who love the cold weather...I do not. Happy week to you...

Samantha said...

I am so envious- tangerines from your own tree!! Have a great week.

Louise said...

Your tangerines look absolutely lovely. Better than anything we found at the local grocery store this year..I can almost taste yours..

Elyse said...

somehow my 10 year old saw this blog and knew i would enjoy it! still not sure how he found this but am heartwarmed that he knows me so well because i am finding your blog quite adorable!


Ale jc said...

hope you will be coming up for air soon...question for you...floss which kind do you use?

Mouster1 said...

Thanks for your heartwarming post. We can all learn a lesson from this horrible tragedy. We should all hold our loved ones closer and let them know how precious they are.