Friday, August 26, 2011

… 'tag sale' (more!)

I know that will all that is happening in the news. . . (hurricane about to hit the east coast, countries being 'liberated'). . . this little piece of news is quite small. . . but if you're like me. . . you love checking out a tag sale!

So, just to let you know - I'm thinking that I've pretty much completed my (3 month long) 'spring clean' of my studio & stash, & I've added several more things  to the 'Tag Sale' page on the website. I've placed some wonderful things - some that I'm sharing some of what I have & some that I have just too much of & never will get to use. I must admit that it was hard to say goodbye to these - as I've used them all & love them all. But - I want to give others chances to get to enjoy them too. . .( & you'll notice that the prices are quite sweet as well!)

Here's a little 'taste' of some of the things  you can find: (. . . & there are 2 pages filled!)

Wuthering Heights - fat quarter grouping

Aviary - fat quarter bundle

moda Essential Dots & Stripes - half-yard grouping

Pampered Pooch - layer cake

Wee Play - fat quarter bundle

woven ginghams - 1 yard grouping

Please know that there on only one of most of the items in the tag sale. . . & once their gone. . . well, you know. . .

If you would like to see these items. . . & more (!) you can find them HERE. (. . . & there are two pages of items!)

My prayers are with those on the east coast - in the path of Hurricane Irene - & in the surrounding areas. Although I think you probably have a bit more on your mind than reading blogs these days. . . Please know that there are millions of prayers being lifted up for you & you're loved ones. 


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