Tuesday, January 24, 2012

… putting your heart into it

If you've been a reader of my blog for a bit,
you will recognize the name 'Nubin'.
Nubin (her 'proper' name is Karolyn) is my quilter. . .
. . . but she is also my dear friend & one of the sweetest people I've ever met.

A few years ago, a couple of us (Nubin, our friend Susan, & I) thought it would be fun 
to make 'Aunt Millie's Garden' - by Piece 'O Cake Designs.
First we aimed to meet every other Monday evening. . . 
. . . & sometimes it was hit-or-miss. . .
 But now we are meeting pretty much every Monday evening.
(We love the mini retreat each week!)

So. . . fast forward a bit. . . 
. . . & Susan & I are still working on just getting our blocks done.
(. . . even though we each decided to make 9 of the 12 blocks)
. . . But, Nubin finished hers.

. . . oh my. . . did she ever finish hers!

To set the scene for this post. . . I must tell you that Nubin never. . . ever. . . does anything halfway.
. . . it's not in here genes. . .
She gives everything her very best . . . & then some.

So, when it came to putting this quilt together,
Nubin hand-dyed the background fabric. . . & the fabric for the sashing & outer border.
She picked bright fabrics, to reflect the busy, crazy way that life can be.
. . . then her imagination & her love of her family & friends took over.

Nubin decided that she would make a cute little 'lizard' to represent 
each of her immediate family (we do live in Arizona!). . .
. . . & then she added a birdie  to represent  people who mean a lot to her.

. . . the design became Nubin's work of 'heart'. . .
. . . She knew that she wanted to submit it to be in the quilt show for this year (2012),
. . . & even though there were a few times she wanted to give up on it. . .
. . . she never did.
(in fact she didn't leave anything out!)

Nubin was finishing the hanging sleeve just days before the quilt needed
to be turned in for the quilt show. . . but she did it.

It is a very special quilt. . . 
. . . it is a very bright & busy quilt (just like her life!). . .
. . . but it is a very special quilt to her. . .
& she wanted to share it.

(by the way. . . Nubin (a very mild-mannered, sweet lady) gave the quilt the name 
'Queen Mother Beast In Her Garden'
. . . after a fond, & funny, very hot afternoon 
working in the back yard with her family where they were laying some brick. 
Her husband wanted to be sure that Nubin didn't over-do 
& he made sure the boys kept the shade umbrella nearby - 
& they (lovingly) referred to her as 'Mother Beast'. . . 
& she corrected them - calling herself the Queen Mother Beast!)  :o)

So, now to the past week. . .
Late last week, Nubin got a call from the head of the quilt guild show
to let her know that a couple of her quilts had won blue ribbons!. .  (she also won many, many ribbons for her quilting on other people's quilts!)
. . . then before the lady let Nubin go. . . she told her that it was also her honor
to inform Nubin that the judges chose 'Queen Mother Beast In Her Garden'
as the 'Best In Show' quilt!

(insert happy dance here!)

Honestly. . . all those who know Nubin cried tears of joy.
For Nubin's work to be acknowledged this way is so perfect.
. . . & that it's for a quilt called 'Queen Mother Beast. . . .' is so wonderfully ironic. . .!

So,. . . now that I've told you the whole (& a wee bit long - sorry) story. . .

Here's my dear, sweet Nubin 
. . . shining next to the 'Queen Mother Beast in Her Garden'. . .

Here's the entire quilt (photos do not do the quilt justice!).
The two lizards circling the center block, are Nubin & her hubby. Bob)

Here's my dear, sweet Nubin . . 
a happy, happy girl! 
(& the 'Best of Show' ribbon behind her!)

. . . a close up of the lizard for Nubin. . . she put Swarsky crystals on each of the toes!
. . . a little bling for the 'Queen Mother Beast'!
(all of the lizards & birdies have beads/crystals for the eyes as well. . .
. . . the quilt actually sparkles as you walk by!)

 . . . & here's me! I'm the pink & green birdie!. . . just to the left of the right corner.
(. . . can't tell you how much that means to me!)

. . . & at the base of the quilt is the fountain, which reminds me of Nubin's home. . .
. . . a place that is open to everyone & where everyone is welcome.

So that's my Nubin. . . & her wonderful, amazing quilt.
I count myself to be very blessed to have watched her put her heart into this quilt.

. . . & I count myself blessed to have Nubin as such a dear friend!

All Hail the Queen Mother Beast!  ;o)  (hee- hee!)



Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

How very special for your friend Nubin! I'm sure in person it is even more spectacular!
We're in AZ for a few more days and enjoying the weather before we head to FL. One of these times, we'll meet in AZ or MN.

MahQuilter said...

Oh Bren,Where would we be without our friends and family. Thank you for sharing this wonderful heartfelt story about your friend. Special hi to Dad and Bailey. Wishing you a great day!

Sue said...

That is a very gorgeous quilt and I can see that Nubin is very talented.

How nice it is to meet regularly with your buddies to quilt :)


Jonathan said...

What a truly stunning quilt! And Nubin sounds like a truly special lady☺

Aunt Marti said...

Wow oh wow! That is SOME gorgeous quilt!

Ina said...

AWESOME! I wish I could see it in person! ;p

Vicky said...

Nubin's quilt is absolutely stunning. A well-deserved Best in Show!

Samantha said...

Wow!! Stunning! Congratulations, Nubin! You certainly deserved to win!

Louise said...

Thank you so much for sharing your good friend Nubin with us and her spectacular quilt. I know you have spoken often and warmly of your friend and her talent. Kudos to Nubin!!

Sewn With Grace said...

That is an amazing quilt! I have never seen anything like it. Congratulations to your friend!

luvtoquilt said...

Oh my goodness -- I'm speechless! Nubin's quilt is amazing! You are truly blessed to have such a friend.

Angie said...

O.M.G. that is the most GORGEOUS quilt I think I have ever seen!!! Your dear Nubin did an extraordinary piece of 'heart'.

JudyT said...

Beautiful, gorgeous, awesome quilt and a great tribute to your friend. However, I had to laugh at the one finger slip reading "Queen Mother Breast." It reminded me of the flower pot my daughter made me in first grade and she wrote "Mom, You're the Beast" on it. I doubt this will post because it's so hard to prove I'm not a robot!