Saturday, February 11, 2012

… keepin' busy

Firstly. . . thank you so much for your response to the latest entries to the tag sale!
Wowie folks!. . . you kept me busy this past week!
(. . . but really. . . I didn't mind!)

Between the tag sale, & a bunch of donations. . .
the studio is looking so much better & dare I say it. . . airy!
(I'm trying to hold back the desire to fill any newly empty spots on the shelves. . .!)

I've been working on finishing a new pattern that should be out in a week or so. . .
It will be first of a series, or collection of designs that I'm so excited about(!)
. . . but I'll wait until the covers are back from the printer for the release.

In between finishing the writing of the directions for the new pattern,
I've been working on some fun little quilts from Jo Morton's - Jo's Little Women Club.
I've just joined a group last month. . . & while they are actually doing last year grouping. . .
I'm having a ball. (!) I'll give you some peeks soon.

I've also been stitching this. . .

It's the stitchery version of 'By My Hand'.

It has been so soothing to sit & stitch on this! I chose to work in one color, & I think that added to the ease of stitching
. . . no thinking about needing to change colors
. . . simply stitching until the floss strand became to short & I simply unwound the next length, & kept on stitching!

(Oh my!. . . I just realized I forgot to add the little wisps of smoke coming from the chimneys! oops!. . . now where's my hoop?!)

I had promised some folks that there would be a stitchery version. . .
. . . So I will be getting this into pattern form for you asap.

. . . Dad is gone to San Diego this week. . . so it's gonna be me & Bailey holding down the fort this week. . . & I'm going to *try* to resist staying & working  in my jammies all day long! (so far - so good). . .
. . . but we'll see.
. . . kind tough when I've got this face wanting to snuggle all day. . .

For today, it's movies on the tv
. . . an order (or three now!) to get ready to ship 
. . . some Athill Range fabrics to play with (for #3 of the new series/collection)
. . . & some appliqué blocks to lay out. . . (just for fun!)

Sounds like a good day to me!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Anonymous said...

Bren,I really like your current stitch project! Thanks for sharing!
Happy Valentines to you!

Darlene said...

OMG, OMG, Brenda, I'm very, very excited about your new stitched sampler. I will be waiting anxiously to order a pattern.