Tuesday, March 27, 2012

'spring'-ing back

Hi folks.
Firstly, thank you for all the sweet emails asking about how we were.
We (Dad, Bailey & I)  are fine. . .
. . . I'm just flunking at blogging lately!

Lots going on. . .
So. . . let's see if I can do a bit of a run-down. (It may be a bit random!)

. . . I've been trying to figure out what season we are in. We had freezing temps last week while the rest of the country was warm. . . but this week, it's looking more like late March here in Arizona. (Although, I have seen it snow in April here. . . so who knows!)

. . . I have though, pulled out spring looking quilts & some spring-y accessories for around the house. . . so regardless of what the temps are. . . I'm having spring inside!

. . . I've finally finished my blocks for my 'Aunt Millie's Garden' quilt (by Piece-O-Cake).
. . . I've only been working on them for the past 2 years with my Monday night quilting buddies. . . thought it would take about a year! lol!
(We'll have to see how long it takes to actually finish the quilt top!)
(those are the blocks in the right side of the photo below.)

. . . I've been subbing (a lot!) at the school that I used to teach at. . . (& I'm finding that I'm loving it!) . . . Wow. I have really missed the kids. 
. . . That makes for some interesting days, as sometimes I don't know that I'm subbing until early that morning! (. . . but it's helping me be more spontaneous!)

New designs coming really soon!. . .
. . . got the covers back from the printer for the first quilt for a new quilt pattern collection, . . . got the second quilt design in the new pattern collection back from Nubin (my quilter) & I'm sewing on the binding (love that part!), & have another surprise stitchery pattern at the printers. . .
. . . so my hope is that there will bunches of peeks next week!

. . . my sweet brother, Scott,  & his wonderful wife, Jodi, are arriving tomorrow for a visit. . . & I can't wait to see them (!). I've scheduled a pedicure for Jodi & I on Thursday morning so that we can have some 'girl' time. . . & so that I can get all caught up on the wedding plans for their two daughters later this year. . . (!)

. . . & did I mention that I'm making two wedding quilts? I've got one started & the other is in my sketchbook & I'm in the collecting fabrics stage. . . but I'm loving it all!

So. . . that's some of  the latest for what's up around here.

. . . now, I've got to make sure the guest room as all ready!  :o)

Hope it's spring-y where you are! (. . . or will be soon!)



Darlene said...

Hi Brenda, Happy Spring! Can't wait to see your new designs.

Enjoy your family.

Dawn Heese said...

When things get hectic blogging goes to the back burner. Love those eggs!

Auntie Pami said...

Happy Spring! It's still Winter-ish here in the PNW. At least the snow is staying in the mountains for now. Take care and can't wait to see your new goodies.

Louise said...

So glad to read your news. We too are preparing for our grand daughter's wedding on April 28. Just an hour ago I put the last stitches in the label. I am so happy with it and
So happy to be gifting it to our Katie. I will give it to her on Saturday at her Tea/Shower. Enjoy your visit with your family and glad to know all is well with you and your Dad.

Louise said...

Looks like i missed the part about the dowry quilt which I completed started a year ago and just completed.

Dawn said...

Busy busy times....
Love the fabric balls...so spring-like.
Enjoy the subbing!
You should have more of it as the year winds down.
D xo