Thursday, May 15, 2014

:: small beginnings

While many quilt designers have been putting the finishing touches on quilts for Spring Quilt Market, which is happening this weekend in Pittsburgh, PA, I've been working on finishing some quilts too… but for a little different reason.

. . . & I've been having such fun!

I've been making two of my 'Meadow' quilts for a very special reason. . . a little project I'm calling 'Quilted Comfort'. It has been something on my heart for quite a little while now, & if you would like to read more about it. . . & maybe how you can become involved (!). . . you can read how this has all come to be by clicking on the 'Quilted Comfort' project tab - at the top of the page (right under the header). I've made a separate page for it - as I want to keep it always available & easy for folks to find
(…Also, it would make for a very long blog post!)

But - to get things started, I've made a couple of the 'Meadow' quilts & they are for sale on the website. The quilt will go to the purchaser & the proceeds of the sale of these quilts will go for funding the purchasing of materials & shipping costs, etc. - so that we can make as many quilts as possible & touch as many hearts as possible. (A win - win!)

While working on these quilts. . . from the cutting out of the appliqué pieces, to piecing the patchwork center, to quilting, & then to the hand sewing down the binding. . . I couldn't help but think of the person that will end up with the quilt & how it will eventually lead to making quilts for some folks we don't even know yet. . . but whom I know that God is already planning to receive a quilt of their own. I found myself praying for all involved & - through this amazing opportunity we have & the joy that quilting brings. . . in so many ways - that God would bless the process (there's that word!) & the people involved.

I hope you can take a little time to check in on the 'Quilted Comfort' project. I would appreciate your prayers as we take these first little steps. . . & begin our small beginnings. . .



Sue said...

This quilt looks just beautiful! Thank you for sharing the link to Quilted Comforts. I have not heard of it before but am going to check it out now!


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Bren, you're an angel...bless you for what you're doing. xx

Dawn said...

Love that idea of using the clips. Of course…your project is just adorable, as always!