Wednesday, April 29, 2015

:: "I'm taking over!… (somebody's gotta do it!)

Hi folks! It's me, Bailey... otherwise know as 'fluffybump'... (How embarrassing... but fitting I'm afraid. I am fluffy, & a cuddly kind of boy... so I just make the most of it! (I'm cool that way)

Anyway, I'm taking over my Mom's blog today, as she is up to her ears in getting ready for what she calls "Quilt Market". Also, I thought it was about time that she post something on her blog! She keeps talking to me (& herself too folks...) about how no one probably even looks at the blog anymore because it's been so long since she posted anything... (So, just so you know, she is at least thinking of you!...) She also tells me that she sometimes wishes she could clone herself so that she could get twice as much done... Now, I don't have any clue what any of that means, so I just tilt my head to one side while she tells me all the stuff she needs to do, & she thinks I'm really cute when I do that & so I get to make her smile (I'm cool like that...) & then I get lots of 'rubs 'n loves' & snuggles. (I'm good like that.)

So as a see it, Mom's getting a two-fer! I do the blog post for the Moda blog takeover & she can stay in the studio & keep making those pretty quilts we all like so much! ... & yep, I love quilts too! I even have a couple of my own, & I'm known as the official quilt tester around here! (I'm really good at it too!)

Actually, I've been getting ready to do some writing for some time now... I think Mom has known about it too. Even when I was a pup, I would try and "help" Mom with some of the writing she needed to do. I think I had it all figured out, & then she went & got a new laptop several years ago, & it just got all kinds of confusing, so mostly I just snuggle next to her when she works on the computer... (Or if she's been too busy for too long, I pretend to ignore her... But really I know what's going on at all times!) 

So... here’s my take on this whole ‘Market’ thing... I know that when the man in the brown truck (that I like to bark at.... a lot...) brings big boxes like these, Mom gets all happy...! The first time, I thought it must be filled with treats (you know - like bones, & biscuits...) but no... it was filled with fabrics! Really Mom?

Then I know that I’d best get used to the fact that she will be sitting at her cutting table & sewing machine (even into the nighttime!) & computer a lot & I just get used to hanging around - getting snuggles when I can. 

I check in on her on a regular basis (I’m loyal like that...), & I even bring her my rope or fox just in case she needs a break & needs to play (I’m thoughtful like that)

The best part?... Even though she’s really busy for weeks on end... & she talks to herself more than usual... wondering why everything seems to take so much longer than she thought... All of this crazy stuff makes her really happy. Crazy.

But she’s my Mom... & I’m her little fluffybump, & I’m the best at the unconditional love stuff... So, I just let her do her thing... & I’m always on the ready for when she needs a snuggle. (I’m sensitive like that...)

Oh!... & because I’m also a great little reporter, I snagged some peeks for you!  (I'm sneaky like that)


Oh… & being the stealthy reported that I am… I thought I'd also let you know that Mom keeps talking about how excited she is about some of her prints on something called "linen"… (I have no idea what that means, but it obviously makes her ridiculously happy…)

So here’s to a great Market... & if you know a someone getting ready for Market - just give them a nod & a snuggle & let them know that everything will be all right... (but whatever you do - don’t remind them that they will be doing this again in 6 months!)


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    Hildy said...

    Thanks for the post and the fabric peeks, fluffybumb:-)

    Patricia said...

    Great post, keep up the snuggles till it is over.

    Thimbleanna said...

    Oh Those Checks! {Swoon} You've done a great job with your post -- what an adorable little puppy you were! Can't wait to see your Mom's new fabrics!!!

    Auntie Pami said...

    Hi Bailey! I think you are a great helper. My mom keeps telling daddy that she needs a fluffy helper, but he keeps saying no. Good thing! Thank you for the sneak peak.

    mascanlon said...

    So lovely to see you Bailey! And thanks for taking such good care of your Mom, we need her lovely fabric in our houses too!

    sunny said...

    Bailey, you sound like an awesome fluffybump of a dog. Your Mom makes awesome fabric, so I'm glad you let her do it.

    MahQuilter said...

    OMGosh I can hardly stand how absolutely beautiful this line of fabric is. New pattern I've got the fabric for you. Great posting Bailey. Hugs to you and your mom.

    MahQuilter said...

    OMGosh I can hardly stand how absolutely beautiful this line of fabric is. New pattern . ..I've found the perfect fabric for you. Great posting Bailey. Hugs to you and your mom.

    Anonymous said...

    HELLO, THANKS for sharing! Missed your posts! HAPPY SPRING!

    sunporchquilts said...

    Very pretty - thanks for the sneak peak!

    Rina Mason said...

    Thank you Bailey for the sneak peek at the fabric. I am going to need at least a yard of each one of those checks. Can't wait for the line to hit the stores.

    Southland Woods Lane said...

    Thank you Bailey. It was so much fun hearing from you. Folks like me are happy your Mom is so busy. It means that I am going to have a whole lot of fun with the new patterns and fabrics coming. Your Mommy is one super talented lady! And you are a real cutie pie!

    Nicola said...

    Lovely post! Thanks for the sneak-peek Bailey, I think you've earned a few treats xx

    Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

    Found your blog, and linked to it in my blog post about the class you teached in Trondheim. Hope to see you again :o)

    Lynn S said...

    I just saw your book cover on feeling stitch blog. I love it!!! Congratulations---I will look for it in the store and buy it as I have the previous books issued and they are treasures!!

    Karee said...

    Have loved your fabrics and patterns! Thank you for sharing your talents.