Thursday, November 19, 2015

:: Counting My Blessings

Hi Folks...
Just a quick little post about a very special addition to the website...

my Frivols tin is here!

I am honored that Moda's 4th Frivols tin features my just released line 'Windermere'!
I have a limited number & I've added them to the website (. . . & check out the new website design & layout!)
& because the design for this quilt (designed by the magnificent Carrie Nelson!) is a bit larger - we also are offering the tin with the additional background fabric & binding as an option.
(...although I know that some of you are simply collecting all the tins... & that's good too!)

Also, my annual 'Counting My Blessings' sale is back (...after I missed doing it last year due to my broken wrist)! You will find 25% off all patterns & pre-cuts 
(...& yes that includes the Frivols tin!)

I am so thankful for so many things & that includes all of you, & I just want to do this little something to let you know. Your encouragement & enthusiasm means to much to me!

So very thankful!


Clare said...

Love these little `Frivols` tins. Sad to say with the exchange rate they are out of my budget.:( But glad to see yours. Happy Stitching.

Arachne646 said...

I couldn't afford the other ones, but I saw the "Windermere" one coming, and had time to anticipate!

Clare said...

I found a shop over here where I can get these tins. Missed out on #1 but waiting for 34 to come :) Happy Stitching.