Saturday, November 4, 2017

:: Sometimes…

 ...a quilt just grabs ahold of your heart & decides to live there...

This is one of those quilts!!

I didn't go to Quilt Market this past week, (God has an amazing way of knowing way ahead of me - when I will need to be home… & this was one of them.) - but, I was watching as often as I could on Instagram to see what was new. I first saw Moda's new 'Color Cuts' pre-cuts... I liked them right away.  But then... when I saw the'Color Cuts Quilt' they have designed - using the Color Cuts... I was smitten! (literally... I gasped when I first saw it!)

… & the best part?… Moda is kitting the quilt design!

So... because I want to share this beautiful quilt kit with you... I wanted to let you know that you can pre-order the quilt kit on my website! 

Because the kit will be shipping in April 2018 - you will only need to register for the kit now... & the rest of the balance will be billed when the kits are ready to ship. This way you will reserve your kit & know that we will have one just for you! Also... when you pre-order a kit - you get it at a discounted price!

The quilt is approx. 70” x 78” - a perfect snuggle quilt size! But… I’m also thinking of carrying more of the Color Cuts (link to Modas page) - which will come in layer cake 10” x 10” squares, fat quarters (18” x 21”), and ‘dessert’ rolls (5” x 42”). I’m thinking that there may be some who might want to make the quilt bigger (for a bed size… queen?) & with extra fabrics - either layer cakes, fat quarters, or dessert rolls…. you could do that. So, if you are interested in the Color Cuts as well… shoot me an email of what you would want & I’l be happy to special order it for you.

Also, I’m thinking of playing around with making the quilt bigger with a couple of borders mostly made of a background fabric with a little set in pieced border… Again - if you think you might be interested in that option - email me & let me know.

For more info about the pre-order  registration for the quilt kit - click here to go to the pre-order page.

Any other questions - just let me know! (

Here’s to lots of pretty quilts in the coming year!


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