Sunday, December 5, 2010

… a little bit of woolie-ness

Remember photos of these?

I had always been busy dying my wool colors to ship off to shops (which I still do. . .) & for Market, & often I would get emails asking 'where could folks find these colors?'. . . Well, I decided that for the last bunch of wool that I had around the studio - that I would finally put together some of these bundles for the website. 
(. . . I know!  . . .  f i n a l l y!)

There are bundles of all 24 colors in a couple of sizes. . .

. . . & then I also made some pastel bundles with the 6 pastel colors in a couple of sizes. . .

So. . . if it's wool in these softer, vintage-y colors that you are interested in, you can find them here!  (Please know that the number of these bundles is limited!)

Elsewhere around the studio, you all have been keeping me very busy shipping with the sale at the website. . . (& I thank you very much!)  I've also been working on a new stitchery project that I'm quite excited about & then I've also been working on a Secret Santa project that I will take photos of but can't share. . . just yet. . . just in case! ;o)  I can say that I'm using a pattern that I got from my sweet friend Rosalie Quinlan at Market this past fall. (Rosalie, Denise, (& Lecien!), & I shared a secret space behind our booths at Market!. . . a secret space that quickly became impossible to move around in!)

This week is full of lots of deadlines. . . so hopefully I will get back to the blog at least once before the week is out!  I'm be working on the next Durham-Anew line for next fall. . . (& those of you that made some color requests. . .  I haven't forgotten & I'm putting in the options for their consideration. . .! (. . . you know who you are! ♥)) I'm very excited about getting to design the Durham line again. . . & all the possibilities are making the start of this next line a bit mind boggle-ing!

For all you getting snow. . . stay warm & have fun! (. . . & please make a snow angel for me!)



momto2wasd said...

The wool looks delicious!!

Nicole said...

All those beautiful colors! The stacks of wool look good enough to eat!

Sewn With Grace said...

The colors are just dreamy! Hope you have some time for you during all the busyness. Would love to see some photos of your precious pup!

Jacquelynne said...

Just one word for your woolie colors- Yum!!!

Ina said...

Thank you for the gift. And, thank you for the beautiful wool!


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