Monday, December 27, 2010

daybook ::35::

. . . my little puddle of curls & fluff!

for today :: December 27, 2010

outside my window. . .   cloudy & cool.

I am thinking. . . of all the things that happened this year that have changed my life.

from the kitchen. . .  breakfast is done. . . coffee still coming (& will be all day!). . . the last batch of cookies were baked yesterday (. . . & I'm thinking that the oven will be getting a rest for awhile!)

I am wearing. . .  t-shirt & comfy J.Jill pants, pink sweater & socks. 
(I know. . . like I was still in Minnesota!)

I am creating. . .  two new embroidery projects. The stitching is done & now it's time for some patchwork.

I am remembering. . .  how much I appreciate my printer. . . I just found out he was transferred (promoted - I'm sure) & now I will need to start with someone new. (sigh.) A good lesson on appreciating what I have & not taking anything for granted. . .

I am reading. . .   'The Scarlet Thread' - by Francine Rivers. (. . . told ya I love this author!)

I am hoping . . .  to update my Quickbooks without too much trauma. . . I have a new company to add to it (more on that a little later!), & to be honest, Quickbooks is wonderful - but it intimidates the bajeebers out of me!

I am hearing. . .  reports of snow & more snow on the easy coast.

around the house. . .  it's quiet & so peaceful. . .

I am going. . .  to run a couple of errands & then it's back to the studio & office! I've kind of just passed by & waved to them over the last few holi-days. . . & now it's back to business!

one of my favorite things. . .  that we look so forward to cloudy & rainy days here.

a few plans for the rest of the week. . . as it's the end of the year & a new year, & that feeling of a new start is in the air. . . I'm thinking that I will be doing a bit of organizing & list making. 
. . . Oh yes, I'm certain there will be a lot of list making!

from my picture journal . . .
 . . . Bailey. . . the perfect picture of this sleepy, cozy morning. . .

Wishing you a sweet ending to 2010. . . as we remember those we love as well as the memories to come!


pdudgeon said...

oh i hear you on the lists and the business of the last few days of 2010!
and yep we got snow back here--about 10 inches of it! today the maintenance people are out shoveling the walkways and bulldozing the snow from the parking lot. i opened up my blinds so i could see those nice clear blue skies and sunshine on the snow. Brrr, it's cold outside!

Sewn With Grace said...

Love looking at pictures of Bailey, just so precious. No snow here in Michigan, just a frigid 27 degrees! I'll take that over all the snow any day. So glad that you made it home safe and sound!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

You would need even more layers if you were still in MN! Enjoy your week.

Louise said...

Can you believe how fast Christmas can come and go...Sometimes I wonder if I actually missed it, while I was busy in the kitchen. I am glad you make it home safe and sound from Minnesota. My brother lives there and I visualize him buried in snow. Happy New Year!

JILB said...

I enjoy reading your blog so much. Bailey is so sweet, and reading your updates give me such inspiration. I appreciate the glimpse into you and Bailey's day. Happy New Year!! It's going to be a great year. :)