Sunday, May 30, 2010

… a bit of catching up

Yep. . . I did get (almost) everything done for Spring Quilt Market. . .

Yep. . . I did go to Market. . .

But. . .

. . . while at Market, I got the flu. . . or a really, really bad cold. . . that is still going on!


So, while I'd love to say that I have a bunch of wonderful photos for you, I actually only have a couple of fairly fuzzy pics. (What can I say, with a fever - the thought of even taking a photo - hardly even occurred to me!)

But I do have this. . .

Bailey has been my constant companion since I have returned home. What a sweetie. I'm actually surprised that he puts up with all my coughing (hacking really). I think I'd certainly go for cover (& quiet!) in another room. The cutest part though is when I talk (or try to) to him - because my voice has gone missing for about a week now. He gives me a look like, "I'm pretty sure it's you. . . but it sure doesn't sound like you!"  Usually, I get pretty squirmy after about a day or two spent in bed. . . but this time, I've had no problem sleeping pretty much all day for day's-on-end now! Maybe that's it!  . . . Bailey is thinking that he's got a new napping buddy!

So . . . this is my very disappointing post-Market post.


I do know that there are bunches of wonderful photos out there (in blog-land) of Spring Market. . .  that would put any that I might have taken to shame.

The good news is that the good ol' days of Market seem to making a bit of a comeback . . . as everyone I spoke too thought that this Market was much busier & upbeat. Now, . . . that fact that Spring Market was in Minneapolis (where they really know how to 'do' nice!)  might have had a bit to do with it, but it really did seem to be much busier than the past couple of Markets. (Good news!)

While I did not have my own booth (thank goodness! - as I had to cut two of my Market days short to simply sleep!), I did have fun seeing some of my new designs 'around'.  A few of my new designs were in the United Notions booth (Thank you Debbie!) & the rest were in the Lecien booth - for my new fabric line, Durham Collection - Anew. I had so much fun playing with the fabrics in all sorts of little projects - & I'll give you some peeks as soon as I get some photos taken. It was also so much fun to see the projects that others made with the fabrics. (One of my favorite things!!!) By the way - the new free pattern for Durham - Anew is up on the Lecien website & I've put a link to it up in the left-side column. It's called 'Sweet Dreams' & is super simple & finishes as a perfect nap size quilt (can you tell what's on my mind?) - or as a twin coverlet size. A super easy weekend quilt.

Oh - for those of you wondering - the patterns for the new designs will start being released starting mid-June - & I will have the official photos up soon. Promise!

Okay - with no more photos. . . & the only thing else to really update you about being 'cold' related. . . I'm thinking that I'd better sign off now . . . (or else I'd chase you away forever!)

Back soon. . .  & everyone. . . take your vitamin 'C'!!



Jodi Nelson said...

Get Well my bloggin friend. ooxx`jodi

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Get well, I live in MSP and have been without a voice for a week or so also! Hope it ends soon!

Camille said...

I'm so sorry you are sick! Trust me, I feel for you. We all had the flu for a week+ right before market, and it was miserable. Hope you get feeling better soon. Lots and lots of rest!

Lynette Anderson said...

Dear Bren, Sorry to hear you got the flu, I do hope you feel better soon.
Xox Lynette and a big 'woof' from Hugo to Bailey