Monday, July 11, 2011

. . . 'a little fall of rain'

Although it might not thrill many. . . this is such a welcome sight for us here in Arizona. . . & for the last week, this has been the view outside the windows. . .

. . . ahhh rain!

We have been blessed with our summer rains & it's been to nice to have them as a part of the hot summer days. . . they cool things off. . . & it's actually kind of funny, how we get a little giddy when the clouds build up on the sky, carrying with them the hope of showers.

The rainy afternoons have meant a lot of time for stitching & although I've got several new designs in the works. . . none are at the stage of peeks. . . just yet (close though!). I have also been making lots (& lots) of hexies. . . & will take some peek-y photos for you today. I'm having so much fun with them. . . & now understand how addictive they are!

Well. . . I'd best get to my errands for the day. . . things are pretty empty in the refrigerator & pantry & if I'm going to get to the market. . . I'd better go before my hexies start calling my name!

Hope you have a wonderful week!



Vicky said...

Ah, rain! Nothing better than to sit and stitch and listen to it falling and cleaning off everthing! Enjoy!! xox

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I must admit I miss the rain. It's like a dust bowl here in Texas.