Wednesday, June 20, 2012

… introducing Betsy's Closet - In Stitches

I feel like I've been even saying this a lot lately (. . . & that's a good thing!)

. . . but I had so much fun making this little quilt!

Firstly. . . there's stitchery involved. . . & once I started stitching the little outfits. . . I couldn't stop. . . they were so addictive! (. . . & were so easy to stitch!)

I've just uploaded the pattern onto the website. . . & while they last. . .
there are KITS as well! The kits include the fabrics for the quilt top, all eleven of the Cosmo embroidery flosses used, & the pattern too! The kits will be for a limited time only. . . so please don't wait if you want one!

Thanks to all of you who have sent such sweet emails & comments. They mean so much, & make me so happy to be doing what I do.

Hope you have a great week. . . ! Happy summer to those of us in the upper hemisphere (& be sure to keep cool!)



Darlene said...

Oh Bren, I've been waiting anxiously for you to post your completed piece. It's delightful and of course I've placed my order for a kit. Can't wait! :-)

donna said...

What a sweet quilt. Beautifully done.

Bari Jo said...

This is soooo cute!!! Love how you did it with embroidery! I enjoy reading your blog! :O)

Sewn With Grace said...

It is beautiful! Your stitching is amazing. I love how the quilting made the clothes stand out. It's really stunning!

Carrie P. said...

Oh, you finished it. So adorable!

Dawn said...

LOVE this!!!!!!! PERFECT!!!