Thursday, June 14, 2012

… still cleaning & sorting

Yep. . . I'm still at it.

Actually, I'm making myself go though all the fabrics & quilts that I have. . .
& I'm making myself be honest with myself as to whether I will ever get to the project that I purchased the fabrics for? 
. . .  So, I've gone through my stash - one more time & I've decided to part with some more of the bundles. I'm being honest with myself that I'll never get to use the whole bundle - so I'm keeping some of the extra yardage I have of these - so that I can still 'have' some of them & will be making smaller projects.

So. . . if you've been looking for these . . & can't find them any more. .  here you go! . . 

These are some of the items that I've just posted on the 'tag sale' page of the website:

Strawberry Fields - fat quarter bundle

Summertime Friends - fat quarter bundle

Charlevoix - fat eighth bundle

Breakfast At Tiffany's - fat eighth bundle

I've also added two more quilts to the 'Sample Quilts' page. . .

Mill's Cabin (68" x 68")

Patchwork Penny Candy (58" x 58")

So. . . there you go!
I'll also be going through what remains of my fabric lines
 & will be making some little bundles for you. . . soon!

The quilt top for the little 'Betsy's Closet - in Stitches' (yesterday's post) is all put together 
& I'm off to quilt it (first to 'decide' how I want to quilt it!). . .
I'll give you peeks as soon as I get it finished! (I'm want to hurry & get it quilted, 
so that I can sit & have something to bind!
. . . I just love that part!)

Hope you have a wonderful day!


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Darlene said...

I can hardly wait to see 'Betsy's Closet - in Stitches'. I know it's absolutely adorable. I'm almost finished with a certain sampler. I've had so much fun!