Monday, July 16, 2012

… an *Instagram* day-in-the-life

morning . . .

 . . . a simple breakfast (my current favorite. . . Grape-Nut Flakes).
(. . . & yes, I eat them dry. . . no milk.)

. . . patterns (that I spent the previous day packing), all ready for shipping. . .

mid-day - afternoon . . .

 . . . a wonderful summer rain. 
(We've been having a wonderful monsoon season. . . we really need the rain!)

 . . . the start of an appliqué project I've wanted to make for quite a long while. 
I have finally started working on the 'Phebe' quilt.
A friend & I are both making one. . . & we are both so excited to get started!
. . . My plan is to stitch on it all afternoon to the wonderful sound of the rain.

evening . . .

. . . my progress by the end of the evening. 
(I kept stitching even after the rain stopped. . . I couldn't help myself.)

All-in-all, a sweet weekend day.



Jenny of Elefantz said...

That sounds like my kind of day, Bren...absolutely lovely.

Auntie Pami said...

Good morning! Nice to have some rain isn't it? We had rain, thunder & lightning off and on the last couple of days. Consequently, the grass is really taking off, the leaves are finally all out. Would love to have a 'tour' of your backyard please. I see some loveliness through the window. Maybe Bailey or Dad would oblige?

Dawn said...

You are always working on something lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite kind of day..we're very rain deprived here..I'm so jealous that you're doing Phoebe...I looked at it so many times but never ordered, I have so much stuff now, the guilt stopped me..doing it with a friend would help..please post pics as you go.
Susan Vicary

suz said...

I'm sure that rain is very welcome. Phebe is quite an ambitious quilt and really beautiful. It looks like a great project. I had to smile when you mentioned you ate cereal without milk - I thought my son was the only one who did that! Have a great week.

Jacquelynne Steves said...

A good day!
I will look for you on Instagram! What is your "handle"??

little acorns said...