Thursday, July 5, 2012

… a little (wonderful) rain

. . . or for us . . . not so little!

Yesterday, in one hour, our area got a wee bit over 3" in one hour!
(Which is amazing, because as we live at the base of some mountains. . . sometimes the rain goes all around us. . . but skips over our area.)
. . . not yesterday!

It was a wonderful steady, but never torrential rain. . . enough to fill the washes & make the gutters along the rooflines work a little overtime. . . & to give us the coolest 4th of July we've ever had. (Our high temp was 74°(F)!)


It was all I could do not to run out in it! 
Wait . . . actually I did! I opened up the garage door & pulled my car out into the driveway so that my car could get a nice little bath. . . & get all the 'dusties' washed away.
. . . & the little dash back into the garage got me wonderfully 'sprinkled'! 

So today, everything is nicely washed off. . . the trees & bushes look a lot greener. . .  (& my car is a lot shinier!), & all the flowering plants even seem to look a lot happier.

I know we all were.

There's nothing like a welcome summer rain.

It slows us down a little bit. . .

. . . makes up look outside at the wonder of a simple rain.
(here in Arizona. . . we love our rainy days!)

. . . & now we look forward to the next one.
(. . . hopefully this weekend.)

Hope you have a wonderful day.



Darlene said...

I'm near the base of the Superstition Mts; the rain missed us. I think we had 42 drops. LOL

In AZ we definitely love and enjoy the rain.

Louise said...

I was talking to my daughter in Surprise when it was raining
She was super happy! I love the way it makes all of the plants and trees super clean and yes shiny!

Sue said...

I agree that the rain makes the flowers happier! We got a downpour two nights ago and next day the flowers had perked up. It was a welcomed relief as it was our first rain in nearly two months. It's gonna be 101 today which is tough for us Michiganians.
Happy you got a nice shower! Stay cool!!

Vicky said...

The thing I miss most about home is the rain. It's a real treat when it rains here, especially on the weekend. Everything feels so clean afterwards!