Saturday, October 13, 2012

… the work I love

I must admit. . . that I really do love what I get to do.

This photo is from the beginning of the week. . . when I had cut out a quilt top from my upcoming line of fabric (Durham Anew),

. . . but I had wanted to proof a pattern just one more time (a deadline thing. . .) 
This pattern had already the 'living-daylights' proofed out of it. . . but I always have that last minute 'just one more time' feeling, so I filled up my coffee mug & went over it 'one more time'.

So, the fabrics were pushed aside (but not too far aside!), 
& the pattern (the next 'farmhouse collection' quilt) got it's final proofing.
(I do have to admit - that proofing is not my favorite part of what I do, probably because I feel such angst when doing it. . . so afraid that something might slip by! But it doesn't diminish loving what I get to do!)

Today, I'm finishing quilting the quilt from the pieces above, 
but before I show it to you, 
I thought you might like to see this. . .

. . . this is the photo I snapped of my main studio table about a month ago when I received the final strike offs for this Durham Anew fabric line.
(. . . kinda embarrassed, as I just found it on my camera. . . it's been that kind of month!)

When these (strike offs) arrive, everything else get's put on the back burner - as the mill is waiting for the word that all (colors, prints) are okay, so that they can begin printing the sample yardage.
So, I stopped everything else I was working on. . .
 looked (& drooled a little) over them, 
& thankfully everything was great!

. . . so today, I get to play with my sample fabrics, & promise peeks soon.

I'm also working on getting lots of goodies uploaded to the website. . . 
. . . keep checking back!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Auntie Pami said...

I can proof too. Will work for gelato. :-)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Gorgeous fabrics!~ and love the hydrangeas too. ;-) I'd help you proof too. I am a words nerd. LOL ;-) Have a happy weekend!

Anne said...

They are beautiful! Great job once again!