Friday, March 29, 2013

… treasuring new life

 I must be honest. . . 
it's been really hard to stay indoors for the past few days. . .
(in fact, I'm sitting out on the back porch posting this!)

Spring has definitely arrived here. . . & it's lovely.
I think having what felt like a colder winter than we usually do, 
(& a couple days with these pretty white fluffies!). . . is making me
appreciate the warmth & the flowers budding (all over the place!).

The birdies are back in the yard - filling the air with their chirping,
 & taking drinks & baths in the water fountains.
I feel like I could sit here & watch them all day.
I got the finch feeder out - but I'm almost out of the seeds for it, 
so I'll be running out later to get some for them. I don't always have it filled - but I like to especially as winter has just past 
& they seem really hungry.

My brother & sister-in-law have been here visiting from Minnesota, 
& Jodi (my s-i-l) kept commenting on all the color & the budding plants!
It's been so wonderful to have them here. They left for the airport this morning, & I will miss them so!

I'll get to have another 'missing-my-family-hole-in-my-heart' fix in a few days though, as I will get to meet the little cutie-pie in the middle photos. He is Samuel, my newest little grand-nephew. Isn't he a cutie? Dad & I will be taking a day trip - flying out to San Diego to meet him next week. It's a quick trip - but it's so worth it! I can hardly wait!

So. . . as you can imagine, I've been working on another of my owl quilts for little Sam.
(If you don't know the history of this design, you can read it here.)
This is the fifth 'Remember Whoo Loves You' quilt that I have made. . .
. . . & I never tire of it.

I also plan to watch the finale of  'The Bible' on Sunday evening. Have you been watching them? I have. . . & I'm so impressed with how they were created & I must admit that in my heart, I'm encouraged at how they've been accepted & how many people have been drawn to them & to looking deeper into the Bible. For me. . . I don't know how I would deal with life without it(!) . . . & so, as we enter & think upon the events of this incredible weekend, I feel so thankful for the love & for the sacrifice & the demonstration of what unconditional love is. It humbles me so to know that I am loved that much, by my Lord & Savior.

 I wish you a wonderful weekend, filled with the wonder & hope of such Love.



Anonymous said...


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Glad you had a nice visit with your brother and SIL Bren. And that little Samuel is the cutest. It will be so fun for you and your Dad to hold him.
Have a wonderful Easter.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

He Is Risen!! \o/
Happy and Blessed Easter, Bren, and have a wonderful time cuddling the newest family member. How very special indeed.

Vicky said...

Wishing for you, Dad and Bailey a blessed Easter! xox

Carrie P. said...

Happy Easter to you!
I don't have cable but we just preorder the Bible on DVD. Can't wait to watch it.

Sewn With Grace said...

Wishing you and your Father a most blessed Easter! It was warm here today and a saw a few green shoots among the dead grass. Celebrating the Risen Lord with you!

Lynn S said...

Hi Brenda--love your postings! I'm just finishing up my Betsy's Closet. Have you ever thought of creating a downloadable label for it that has that you are the desinger and pattern name? Plus space for quilter/stitcher etc..? I know I would use it on mine...everyone wants to know who's pattern is this?!?