Tuesday, March 5, 2013

… lately. . .

. . . what I've been up to. . .

. . . the TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association) Market,
in Nashville. . .

. . . here's  Bonnie Sullivan's (All Through the Night) lovely display. . 

. . . & here's  Bonnie Sullivan & her sister Ann, who came with her to Market.
(Ann had a display of beautiful jewelry that she creates there too!)

. . . & there's a bunch of fat-eighth bundles  just loaded onto the website.

. . . Esprit de Noel (French General)

. . . my latest - Durham Anew (2012)

. . . Durham Anew (2011)

. . . & Georgia Lou

It has been quite the busy week!

I took a little trip to Nashville this past weekend,
to visit the TNNA Needlework Market.
What fun it was!
It snowed (well flurried) most of the time I was there, 
& it was so pretty to see.

What I love is that this Needlework Market is held at the Embassy Suites, & instead of having to set up a booth in a great big convention center, here you set up your displays in the the 'living room' area of your suite, & folks come to you!
It makes for a wonderful, casual & home-y feeling, & I love the idea!

I also was able to meet up with some wonderful designers 
who exhibited & they were so helpful with information & ideas
about the needlework industry & about the show.
I also came home with a bunch of new threads & flosses & 
placed a few orders for fun new items!
I left feeling so excited about the next step. . .

My goal is to do the fall show - in St Charles, MO.
I've been working on charting several designs 
& I've found that I love the process. . . 
I can hardly wait to start stitching!
(& now that I have my new threads - that starts this week!)

When I came home, I found a wonderful box on my doorstep,
from Moda - with bundles of Esprit de Noel,  the latest line from
French General for Moda.
I must admit. . . I LOVE this line!!! 
(& I rarely say that about Christmas lines!)
I'm keeping one - to make a new quilt, 
but I've put the other two (fat-eighth bundles) on the website.
Warning though. . . there are only two. . . so don't delay!
(The line won't be available in shops until May.)

Just before I left for Nashville, I also made up some bundles
of my fabric lines - including my latest (yet to arrive to shops)  
Durham Anew (2012).
These bundles are limited & once they are gone - well. . . you know.

While I'm closing the door in fabric design for awhile,
I'm so excited about what is upcoming. . .

. . . speaking of which, I'll have a new quilt or two to show you in a day or two!

Hope you have a great start to your week!


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