Sunday, June 30, 2013

… getting ready

Hi there. Sorry for the lack of posting. . . I've been having issues with our internet connection for the last few weeks. . . & so trying to do anything more than getting some emails done & shipping printed has been most of the extent of my online experience lately. We have been replacing cables to see what the issue might be & now are hoping that we might (?) have solved the issue. We'll see. (crossing fingers!)

With all the July 4 preparations winding up here in the US
. . . for me it brings a bit of worry. . .

. . . worry that this little guy will have to suffer through hours & hours of fireworks going off in the neighborhood.

Now, I first want to say that I have always loved firework shows (& still do!). . . but for some reason, the people who live in my county voted to make it legal for anyone to shoot off fireworks. (sigh).
 So what ends up happening is that the booms & loud pops start around sunset & continue on & off until after midnight, causing Bailey to shake & fret for hours on end. Then, for the next several evenings, as the sun sets, he gets scared all over in anticipation of the booming starting again.
Poor baby.

Thankfully, last year - because we had not received any rains yet - the fire marshall put a ban on the public setting off fire-works. (they actually even called off the commercial displays last year - it was so dry.) I know I sound like a party-pooper, but to have my little guy suffer so breaks my heart. So-far this summer, we have had about 30 days of 100° (F) (or higher) & no rain & I'm actually hoping that we don't get any rain until after next Thursday, & they set the ban for no fireworks in the neighborhoods again. (. . . but I'm hoping they do have the professional displays. . . they are far enough away that the noise is manageable for us.)

But, just in case, I got Bailey a 'Thundershirt'. They are created for helping dogs that suffer anxiety from thunderstorms, fireworks, separation. . . etc. I went down to our local PetSmart & found his size & talked with the lady there & they say that they have a more than 80% success rate. They are made to literally envelop & hug the dog & hit specific pressure points that help calm them & most will even relax to the point that they fall asleep! (. . . here's hoping!) I also picked up a new little fox (unstuffed - how perfect!) & after I tried the 'Thundershirt' on Bailey - he got his new 'baby'. . . so that hopefully he will already equate that putting the 'Thundershirt' on brings good things. I actually thought he light not like having to have it on - but he actually didn't mind it at all. He chewed on his new little fox for a little bit & then settled in & napped. Gives me a bit of hope that he will get to have a calm holiday.

By the way. . . there are some new items that I've put on the 'Tag Sale' pages on the website. . . !

Hope you have a great week.



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I've been thinking about get one of those shirts for my granddog. She's so nervous. Good to see it's working for your pup.

Cathy said...

I'd like to know how the Thundershirt works for Bailey on the 4th if you do hear fireworks. Our dog is scared of fireworks too(and most loud noises like thunder and cars backfiring) and we need a solution other than going under the bed!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Oh, Bren. I can't even imagine having a sweet pet that is afraid of fireworks. Having always had gun dogs (and a corgi trained to the gun) for hunting, they hear the loud noises and look for something to retrieve.

I have a friend who has a dog that suffers like your Bailey, so she decided that she's going to kiss her hubby and friends goodbye for the night and head to a B & B for the night where there won't be fireworks. Seems drastic, but she's hoping it helps the one of her three pups who has noise anxiety. I hope it works for her.

I know many people who swear by the thundershirts. I'll cross my fingers that it works for your dear pup.

Hoping you have a wonderful week!

Gerri said...

I had the same issue with my dog. When she got older and lost her hearing, sadly, it was a blessing. I feel so bad for animals around the 4th. Good luck with the thundershirt.

Ruth B said...

I bought the thundershirt for my pekingese who is terrified of lawn mowing, snow plowing, thunder, wind, etc. It didn't help her so she must be in the minority. I've also tried calming pills from walmart. They might be helping a little. But she still shakes and wants to climb me like a ladder when she hears noises.

Sewn With Grace said...

Oh Brenda, I couldn't help myself and ordered some beautiful fabric from your tag sale! It will keep me busy at our new house. I wish we had known about the doggie shirt when we had our goldens. They were just so miserable for the 4th that it ruined the whole week for them and us. I always felt so bad for them. I hope the shirt works for him, he looks adorable in it!

Lynn S said...

How did Bailey do this holiday in special protective cover? Do give us an update!

Jacquelynne Steves said...

Poor Bailey! I understand- when my Daisy was still here she was terrified of fireworks and would freak out and end up getting sick all over the place. Wish I'd known about the shirt, I would have given it a try. I hope it worked well for Bailey :)