Wednesday, August 7, 2013

… still quilting (honest!)!

I wanted to let you know that while I'm doing some remodeling to the website,
I'm also doing some cleaning out of the studio & storage, & that there are a few quilts that I've listed on the 'sample quilts for sale' page on the website.

. . . BUT, I do so cautiously, because from the emails that I've received, it seems like several of you got the idea (with my last post) that I'm leaving quilts & designing them behind. . . So not true! Please know that I still love quilts as much as I always have. . . I'm just expanding the areas that I use my designs. I know that it's been a bit since I've released some new quilt designs, but please trust me that by the end of August there will be about three new quilt designs. (. . . really!)

The quilts that I've listed on the 'sample quilts' page are mostly the sample quilts that I made from a few of my fabric lines, as well as two great Moda Home toile quilts. I have one of each of these, & I didn't realize that I still had these two!. . . (oops!)

So, there you go. . . a 'remodeling sale'  on the website, & now newly listed sample quilts too!(. . . a great time to think of some Christmas presents. . .!)

Tomorrow, I'm painting some frames & a box for a couple of my new stitcheries. I spent months looking for just the right frames & although I could find the 'look' I liked in the frames, I could never find just them in the right color. . . So, it's out with the paintbrushes, paints & glazes.
(. . . & secretly, I'm really looking forward to it!)


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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Have fun getting those frames to look just right for your beautiful stitcheries! Can't wait to see the new quilt patterns.