Saturday, February 1, 2014

:: my word for 2014

It's not a 'romantic' word. . .
but as I started thinking of a word for 2014, I kept coming back to 'process'.

. . . & it made complete sense to me.

After choosing the word  'grace' for 2012. . . I actually kept it for 2013 as well.
I needed to.

As I focused on 'grace' in 2012 - I just felt that God was still teaching me much with that incredible word. & I felt like I needed to keep it for some more time, & as I look back onto 2013, I can now see that I did need to keep 'grace' in the forefront of my mind. (…& to be honest - it will be a word, & a reality that will stay there for the rest of my life.)

So. . . onto a new word for this year. . . & for me it's  'process'.

I thought of it, as it has been a word that I used with my students quite often when I taught art & design, & it reflects what I have learned to love & appreciate about the creative process. It reflects on learning to appreciate time. . . & the reality that it takes steps. . . (sometimes very tiny steps). . . to see something come to fruition.

But it also has come to mean to me so much more, as I've seen God working in my life. . . opening some doors, closing some others, & I've come to learn to be aware & to appreciate the steps that I am led to take each & every day. There are also some deeper, more personal ways that this word just felt so right for me for this year, that I hope to be able to share with you as the year goes on.

But for me - I am keeping my word for this year in front of me as much as possible. I've printed out the some graphics I have made with my word, & I taped one to my bathroom mirror (a much needed reminder). I also have one in my office & one as the background for my laptop. . . (for the screens that I use for designing software (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator…).

So. . . onward.
Time to take todays steps…



Auntie Pami said...

What a great word. I met Evan yesterday and she said to tell you "her stalker said hi". Best wishes.

Vicky said...

That's the best word ever, Bren!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

This really ministered to me, Bren -
"I've come to learn to be aware & to appreciate the steps that I am led to take each & every day"
Bless you as you work through 'process' this year...
big hugs