Tuesday, December 11, 2018

:: Tis the Season

Living in the southwest, there are often years when I'm still wearing summer clothes (t-shirt & shorts) into the Christmas season - but this year we've actually needed sweaters for many of the days starting just before Thanksgiving...! I love that - as I really like having at least a little bit of a feeling of difference in the seasons. I've also noticed the leaves on our crepe myrtles are various colors of red, orange, & light green... so pretty & while so many of our trees stay green all year long - it's so nice to have a hint of a seasonal change.

Indoors, I've done a little decorating for the Christmas season. For several years, my Dad hasn't been to excited about having a lot of decorations up - so I've only done some boughs & some poinsettias. But this year - when I asked if he would like to have a tree up - Dad said he would really like that. (!)

So, I got out a little 4 ft. tree I have, but I didn't want to go overboard on the ornaments (some might be to sentimental for him...). I decided to use some of the more 'nature' inspired pieces I had... some floral picks & some with nests & pinecones, & berries... I also had one that had a little birdhouse - so I used it as the tree-topper. I finished it off with some gingham ribbon I've had for 'ages'... & some swans & of course, acorns!

I added a very special hand-carved nativity set that I got when I was on a missions trip to Guatemala. We were in a small mountain town called Barillas - & I purchased them from the man who carved them. I've had other sets - but this one is my favorite.

I've put the tree up on the large dining room table (that we don't use that often) - but it can be seen from so many places in the house, (& Dad walks by it every time he comes out of his bedroom...!). It sits in front of one of my Christmas quilts, & Dad has thanked me several times for putting up the tree & that makes it even more special. I've missed having a tree up... & this has been the perfect little touch for our simple Christmas decor this year. 

As this season gets busier & busier, I hope you also enjoy the simple & peaceful moments. 
For me, those are some of the best moments of the season.


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Louise said...

Thank you so much for your very heartwarming message today. Our Christmas has definitely become
much simpler over the years. Our girls are now grown and married with homes of their own giving
them the oppurtunity to enjoy their own Christmas traditions. I love that they are much the same as
the ones they grew up with. Wishing you and your Dad a most blessed Christmas. Thank you so much
for the joy you share through your blog. Louise