Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Introducing... Finnegan! ::

I had a very big (& heavy!) box arrive at my house a few weeks ago… and once again, Moda made it feel like Christmas morning at my house.

Finnegan arrived!

Finnegan is the name for my latest collection for Moda Fabrics, and I have admit, I am a bit smitten with it! There are a couple of prints in this collection that have jumped up high on my all time favorites list.(!) The colors for Finnegan are my classic softer palette - with names like sky, sprout, sunny, lilac, blossom pink, pebble, and of course my classic linen-white. All hues that embrace & celebrate the freshness of spring! What’s been fun for me is how well they work set with not only the linen-white, but I’ve been setting them with the pebble colorway as well & I’m loving how they sparkle on both!

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some of the new designs & some of the new patterns that are in the works! If there is something that catches your eye… be sure to let your local quilt shop know, as the Moda Reps (yay for the Moda Reps!) are going around to the quilt shops taking orders for what is known as the March collections… (also known as Pre-Spring Market Collections).

Being part of the Pre-Market collections group is allowing me a little extra time to make all the samples for my new quilt patterns… & for that I am so very thankful! I will have five new quilt designs for you… & I’m having so much fun making them!

So please check in again to see more of Finnegan… & the new patterns!

Thanks so much for checking in with my blog… there are some changes coming (big ones)… & so I sincerely appreciate your visiting (& not giving up on me ever blogging again!)

 ♥ xo, Bren


kshackabq said...

Beautiful, Brenda. Looking forward to seeing more and hearing the story behind the name "Finnegan"!

Terrie said...

Love Love Loving the new collection and cannot wait to see your new designs.
Exciting times :) and wishing all my best to you and your dad !!

Robbienae said...


Your fabrics are just my style. They just make my heart happy and make me smile all over. I am in love with the yellow, blues and mostly the creamy white prints. I am redoing several rooms in my house and I already have visions of new curtains, place mats, bathroom shower curtains, I will make myself stop there, well maybe not, how about a nine patch quilt? I am anxious to see your new patterns and projects. I will be watching out for Finnegan!You are so very talented.

Unknown said...

My Grandsons name is Finnegan so I'm very partial to that name. After the loss of two babies, he was very much loved . I love the spring colors. Sharon