Wednesday, December 9, 2009

… a bit more baking

Yesterday there was more baking. None by me. . . still nursing a cold . . . but these guys made is smell wonderful all over again. . .

(I actually took these photos of Dad & Bailey) on the first day of baking. . . but didn't get them download before my last post.)

Bailey is certainly a wonderful assistant. . . for whomever is working in the kitchen. He is perfecting when to back out of the way. . . & then definitely - when he can - to move in for a sniff or two!

. . . & of course - whenever there were pumpkin bread crumbs. . . he was very available to assist!

This afternoon - they plan to do it one more time. . . & I must admit - I'm looking forward to the smells. . . (as well as listening in to the conversations that Dad has with Bailey while they're in the kitchen. Serious cuteness.)

One of the things that I realized a few days ago - when I was working with Dad on the market list for the pumpkin bread ingredients - was that my Mom's recipe cards are fading a bit. You can see on our pumpkin bread recipe card (above) - that my Dad has written over some of the numbers & letters as they were really disappearing. (Also, if you click on it. . . it will should enlarge & you've got a great recipe for pumpkin bread!)

I have always loved my Mom's handwriting - since I was little - & now, anything that has her handwriting on it is even more precious to me. So when I saw the recipe card & got out some of the others - & they were also beginning to age & fade - I decided that I couldn't bear for these to be lost to time - so I gathered several of them & scanned them into my computer. 

My thought was not only to save the recipes (I could have typed them out) but to save the image of my Mom's touch. . . her handwriting. . . the dishes that she made for us. . . the memories that those dishes evoke. . . & even the kitchen stains that several of the cards bear. . . 

I also want to make a little book  - using the scanned recipe cards & also photos of Mom & our family growing up - for each my brother & sister & their kids (the grandkids) - so they can also have the recipes & remember too. There are many online places that you can create your own books. I have made a few using my iPhoto on my Mac & they have a links directly to make calendars, cards, & books. . .( so if you have a Mac & iPhoto I highly recommend it!)  but I also know of several other places like 'Blurb' , Heritage Makers, & Lulu where you create your own book.

So . . . now I have a new project. . . 

. . . but what a great one!

xo, Bren


pdudgeon said...
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pdudgeon said...

let me try this again.....i think it's wonderful that you have some of your mother's recipies in her own handwriting; that's one of the things that make them so special.
Great pic of your Dad and Bailey.

Hope you get better soon!

Vicky said...

It must smell wonderful at your house! I have a few of Mom's handwritten recipes. You have a good idea of copying/scanning them. I could share them with the family. I know having Mom's handwriting would mean a lot to my brother.

Brenda said...

Just a lovely post

imquilternity said...

What a lovely idea! I know exactly what you mean about seeing your mother's handwriting and how special that is. My mother's handwriting was gorgeous too and I could recognize it anywhere. It's funny how it's the simple little things in life that mean so much.

Jackie said...

Those pictures of your dad and Bailey are just too precious! I love the idea of making a book with the original cards scanned in. Yes, I agree iPhoto is definitely the way to go if you have Mac. Just priceless.


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