Wednesday, December 2, 2009

… business in the studio

After a few days of feeling like I was spinning my wheels. . . things are now humming along in the studio.

Actually, I have been quite busy - it was just doing those kind of tasks where I couldn't really feel any progress. . . even though it was happening. (It's at times like these past few days - that it's a bit scary to be running your own business.)  But after spending the last two days working in Photoshop. . .(working on details, details!) -  today I get to start stitching the designs I've been working on. I'm so excited about this new design too. . . so you know there will be peeks coming soon!

The one thing that I have decided. . .  (or really  - have finally hit the 'reality' wall!) - its that I am going to "make" myself spend at least one hour - every day - in the office. It's December. . . (when did that happen? . . . & how did it happen so fast. . . ?) . . . & I have to admit that there are a few piles in my office that are begging to be filed in the drawer - or in the 'big circle file' (read: trash). . . they just need me to sit down & weed through them. Sigh. I really don't enjoy doing this part - (ergo  - why I have said piles). One of the piles that really need attention is my receipt basket - I haven't updated my QuickBooks with my purchases for a few months!. . .  (Yikes!)  I'm updating to the 2010 version of QuickBooks for January - so I must get everything up to date! Also. . . it will be such a nice way to start the new year - with my office all neat. . . all my files tidy. . . & all the desk surfaces clean & 'pile free'! (sigh, . . . I feel better even thinking about it!)

So - to do a bit of 'blog cleaning' . . . I wanted to update a couple of things. . . first is the fact that I've not yet made the announcement that Lecien has my new free pattern available! It's called 'A New Day' (see it above), &  I put the link up on the right column & it will link you to the pdf that you can save to your computer. We made it with my 'Celebration' line - & it is wonderfully simple to make. (Also - you can play around with the setting of the blocks t0 make  different looking quilts each time!)

Also. . . after I got 'cleaned-out' of my 'Celebration' bundles last month (when I first made them available) - I buckled down & made some more. . .  You can find them here. . .  & I also want to remind you that Shabby Fabrics & Fat Quarter Shop - are two of the online shops that I know have it currently available (& yardage too!) Also - please don't hesitate to ask your local quilt shop if they are going to be carrying it. I'm hearing stories all the time of how shops are ordering the fabrics because they are getting calls for it! (. . . & thank you to those of you who are asking!)

Lastly - if you are a shop that is carrying (or will be ) my 'Celebration' fabrics - please email me & let me know. I am getting a lot of emails from customers asking where they can find it - & I am hoping to compile a listing so that I can help as much as I can. Also - please email me &  let me know if you are a web-shop or a brick & mortar shop & all of your contact info. I am also collecting the names of shops that are carrying the Cosmo flosses - & will be posting that info later this month. . . So, if you are - or will be - carrying Cosmo flosses or threads - let me know!

Okay. . . I think that concludes today's business. . .!  :o)

. . . now I have some new stitchery designs calling my name!

xo, Bren

 ✼ ✼ OH! I almost forgot! In the spirit of the season of giving. . . we are continuing our sale on the website through the end of the year. . . ! So you can save 25%! off all patterns & books!


Camille said...

Oh, I'm totally with you on the quickbooks behind-edness. (I'm positive that isn't a word) Although you are way ahead of me. I made it through April this year. The rest of my receipts are in a file called Receipts. And by file, I mean stuffed in the top drawer of my file cabinet. It's a scary scary thing. Next year will be different. (ha!)

Happy Holidays to you!

paulette said...

Thank you SO much for the lovely pattern! That was very thoughtful of you! I love it!

pdudgeon said...

i have this fabric on my 'must purchase' list for the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival at the end of Feb next year. there is a vendor there who carries all Liecien fabrics, and you can bet that I'll make a bee line to her booth, and a tower will be comming home with me!. (the vendor list won't be out till Jan, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed!)

Darlene said...

The 'to-do' list always long. The chores we enjoy and the ones we seem to put in the piles! LOL

I'm quite smitten with your Celebration line and the free pattern. Sadly, my budget won't allow the purchase right now. Sigh!

Unknown said...

I have more piles then places to put them. I need a really big filling cabinet, and then I need someone, ok me, to use it.
Good luck!

Suzanne said...

We carry all 443 colors of Cosmo floss.
so thanks for asking!

Nicole said...

Your fabric line is exquisite! And the quality of Lecien is the best. Great job Brenda!

Sinta Renee said...

I love the new look! I have already downloaded the pattern:) thank you very much! in Fresno carries Cosmos floss.
Question... how did you do the little snowflakes on your photos? It's so cute!

Sewn With Grace said...

Thank you so much for the pattern. I have your fabric on display in my sewing room. I enjoy looking at it every time I walk through there. I'm looking forward to using it, but really don't want to cut into it! :)