Tuesday, December 15, 2009

… a bit of Christmas cheer

After a week of spending most of my time in bed. . . 
& then feeling a little better last Saturday. . . 
. . . for a few hours. . . at least . . . 
. . . there hasn't been a lot of decorating completed around here. (Add to that fact - that Dad tossed two of the three brand new boughs that were purchased last Christmas. . . after he had tossed all of the boughs from the previous year!. . . Hmmm - maybe I'd better check to be sure he doesn't dislike them! lol!) But - I did get a couple of decorations down from the attic &  when you add quilts with those little touches . . . it is beginning to look a bit more festive around here.

My quilt 'Bittersweet' (from my Comfort & Joy book) has it's own special place on the dining room table. I love this quilt. It's made with various fabrics from several of the 'Mrs. March' & 'Quilter's Basic' lines by Lecien that I love to collect. It's been washed a few times so that it has that wonderful vintage-y quilty look that I love so much.

And - since we haven't put up a tree for the past couple of years. . . (I've decorated with boughs instead. . .) - I have had fun finding ways to use the vintage (& vintage reproduction) mercury glass ornaments that I love. For this setting, I placed them - along with a wonderful snowflake & some pine cones that are covered in cut glass glitter - that is aging beautifully. . . (!) - in a crystal bowl - so that we can see as much of them as possible.

Now that I'm feeling a bit better . . . (& am really tired of working from my bed!) . . . Hopefully in the next few days - I can take you a few other places around the house & share a little more holiday cheer (meaning. . . I can get them finished!) 
Until then. . . Hope you staying warm  & cozy!

xo, Bren


Jody said...

Miss Brenda! Such a beautiful post. I love the close-ups of the ornaments and the incredibly warm, evocative feeling. Holiday blessings to you and thanks for your warm, caring self and beautiful designs!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, I love those vintage ornaments! Sooo pretty. I hope you're feeling better soon -- hopefully you've had your share for the holidays and you'll be all better for next week!

The Graceful Stitch said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better! The quilt is beautiful. I have all your books and have been looking through them alot in the past couple days trying to decide which quilt I want to make with your "Celebration" fabric I purchased. So fun to be in the planning stage.

Vicky said...

So happy that you're feeling a bit better. The quilt is gorgeous!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Bren:
Love your ornaments and your beautiful quilt (enough to have just gone and ordered Comfort & Joy!).
Glad you're feeling better.

Cara said...

That quilt looks so cuddly and soft!

Tricia Anne said...

Good Morning.
I am glad you are feeling.
Your table is beautiful with the touches you have added.
You have posted in the margin "Leota's Garden." That is one of my favorite books! I hope that you are enjoying it.
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Quilted Quickies said...

Boy Bren...you sure had a bad one...so glad to hear you are feeling better. Love your Bittersweet quilt! What quilting and a little washing will do to a quilt...it's so beautiful!!

Sherri said...

Everything is just beautiful...loveliness! Hope you keep feeling better!

Jacquelynne said...

Glad you are feeling better. I have a bunch of those vintage looking ornaments, also, that I put in a pedestal bowl. And the colors in your quilt are perfect.

pdudgeon said...

awww, what a sweet story about your Dad! love the ornaments and the quilt, especially how you created the plaid out of three colored squares. very ingenious!

i wish my kitchen counter looked as clean and festive as yours!
take care, and hope you feel better by Christmas.


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