Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yesterday was a long overdo pattern writing day.
I spread my notes & pages over the dining room table. . .

. . . & while one of my views is out to the backyard 
(now blooming like crazy with our summer rains). . .
 this was my 'other' view. . .
Bailey. . . my trusty assistant, hanging out on his 'perch'.
(In the living room, he has claimed the back of one of the chairs, as his 'lookout.
From there he can see out to the front of the house, as well as the backyard.
. . . He is, after all,  a 'guard' dog, don't-ya-know.)

I actually spent several hours writing & made some good progress. . .
All the while supported by my 'assistant', as well as some 'necessary fuel'. . . 
(the secrets of long term writing sessions. . .)
. . . yum. . . coffee & dark chocolate chips. Ahhh, sustenance.

. . . After a a few hours though. . . my little assistant made it clear that he was a bit weary (so-to-speak) & getting rather bored of being patient.
. . . so it was off to play a game of tennis-ball fetch in the backyard.
(. . . & for this little guy, that means about 4-6 throws & fetches. . . & then he wants back into the air conditioned house!) lol!
. . . love this little guy!



Vicky said...

What a cutie! Gotta love those assistants! Can't wait to see your new patterns. I have a couple of yours in the queque. I've gotten "a bit" behind in my projects.

Louise said...

A little nourishment of the chocolate kind is always helpful.
What a cutie, they do truly tug at our heartstrings like no other.

Bari Jo said...

Hello! I just got caught up on reading - been away from my computer - your posts are so sweet and the video recently you posted made me teary... love the new stitchery pattern and your assistant is adorable! :O) Looking forward to seeing the new patterns you are working on! ;O)

Jacquelynne Steves said...

Oh seeing Bailey makes me really miss Daisy! She was also a good little helper in the studio.
I also use chocolate chips to fuel my creativity!

trish said...

That is so sweet. :0)


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