Thursday, August 2, 2012

… a Betsy's stitch-a-long!

I received the most touching email yesterday. . .
from Jenny of Jenny of Elefantz. . . 

I love Jenny. . . she is a wonderful stitchery & quilt designer. . .
& she let me know that she had set up a blog for a Betsy's Closet stitch-a-long. 
She actually also asked if it was okay. . .


Oh my!. . . I was so tickled & pleased. . . & honored!

To think that there will be a group of ladies coming together (virtually at least!)
to stitch my little Betsy's quilt
. . . makes my heart sing.

So. . . if you would like to be a part. . .

. . . & make these little cuties for your own. . .
(. . . or for somebody special!)

You can join here - at the 'Stitching Betsy's Closet' stitch-a-long.

Also, just to let you know. . . you can order the pattern on the website, but there is really good news for those of you who live outside the US. . . I talked with  Shabby Fabrics today & they also have the pattern & for any international orders under $10 - the shipping is only $4.00(!)  (That is much better than we can do on  my website for a single pattern international order - as we only ship via USPS Priority. . .)

If you've been to our website - we have sold out of the kits that we had , but Shabby Fabrics has been making & selling lots (. . . & lots, & Lots, & LOTS!) & they have a few left. (. . . but don't wait too long!)
(At my last look, Shabby Fabrics had sold out of their kits (Thank you Jennifer for making so many!) - & I wasn't going to make more - but I'm digging deep & will be putting a limited number of kits together for shipping next week. You can find the kits here)

We have had floss kits - & have sold out of them (twice) - but with the stitch-a-long, I have just ordered more floss to make more floss-kits - so if you would like one of the floss kits  you can pre-order them here.

Whew! (. . . that's a lot of links for one post!) :o)

I want to thank Jenny & Kathy for hosting this stitch-a-long,
& invite you to visit the stitch-a-long blog & see what everyone is up to!

. . . I know that I will be!


p.s. . . . oh, . . . by-the-way. . . guess what arrived on my doorstep today. . . Hill Farm!


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Oh Bren, it is so much fun to be making this adorable design of yours!! I am even thinking of making two...I have two little girls in mind.
Thank you SO much for all this added info about purchasing threads, kits and patterns! I'll add it to our blog. :-)
You're a doll!!
God bless,

Anonymous said...

I joined, I ordered...and following. Though I would have lost that bet, as I thought I was following. So love your work Brenda, and am looking forward to making this adorable quilt.

blessings, jill

Maria McCabe said...

I am one of those "virtual" quilters and I am so excited! I ordered your beautiful pattern and I love your site, I see the applique Betsy's closet in my future too!

Sherry said...

I have joined in with this group to do this fun project. I had purchased the pattern the first time I saw it and now with the group stitch-a-long I am motivated to get started. I have three little granddaughters I would love to stitch this for.

Maria McCabe said...

I received my pattern today - that was so fast! Thank you so much for the pattern book as well!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I am so excited! Just ordered the pattern and off to join the group. I will post about this on my blog! Thanks you for such an adorable pattern.

Donna Hollingsworth said...

I just received my Betsy's Closet pattern and am thrilled with it and the gift booklet enclosed. That really made my day!! Thank you so much! :0)

Patchworksmiley said...

I have joined the stitch-a-long already but still waiting (impatiently, I'm afraid) for the pattern to arrive downunder - it is so gorgeous, I can't wait to start & with our Spring starting today, I'll be happy to have a hand-stitching job to work on rather than a warm quilt.

Sallie said...

I love this pattern and had to have it! Thanks for such a cute pattern!

Chosen Sisters said...

I've been part of the stitch along and have finished the quilt top. You can see photos of it on the blog. I used mostly Aunt Grace's Garden Party by Judie Rothermel and I enlarged the pattern by 20%. My friend, Deb, is going to do it as well. I will be teaching a class at Chattanooga Quilts in Ooltewah, TN using your pattern and my stitches. was fun. Capi