Monday, January 11, 2010

… daybook ::2::

Good morning all! . . .
Today I am starting something I have seen on other blogs. . . & I always enjoyed reading them, so this year I am joining in! (I missed the first week of the year. . . but that's okay. . . I'll just start at week 2 . . .!)

It's called 'The Simple Woman's Daybook'. . . & each Monday - I will post my daybook entry. I love the idea . . . after all that's what blogging is really all about, right?. . . a web-log of the events in our lives. . . Our days. 

for today  ::  January 11, 2010

outside my window. . . is the oak tree my dad planted. . . just for me. (. . . & lots of sunshine!)

I am thinking. . . of going over my to-do list for the week. . . again.

from the kitchen. . . coffee. . . & I'm ready for my second cup(!)

I am wearing. . . my jammies. . . (still. . . it's one of those wonderfully casual kind of mornings)

I am creating. . . kits & bundles for next weeks quilt show.

I am remembering. . . my Mom, & how much she loved to do crafts.

I am going. . . to my quilters - later today. . . (after I get out of my jammies!)

I am reading. . . Loeta's Garden, by Francine Rivers

I am hoping. . . that I will not catch the 'lazy bug' this afternoon, like I did yesterday.

I am hearing. . . the wonderful music selections from Dawn's blog. (I often keep the window open to her blog . . . just so I can listen to the beautiful songs she features on her blog.)

around the house. . . Baily is snoozing, Dad is reading the paper, & my studio is calling my name.

one of my favorite things. . . getting to make mocha's at home. . .!

a few plans for the rest of the week. . . stitchery, making tags & labels for quilt show, walking.

from my picture journal. . .



Suburban Stitcher said...

Great idea! Thank you for sharing!

Vicky said...

A wonderful journal! But quilt show? Will we be lucky enough to have you at Road this year? Please?

Brynwood Needleworks said...

How lovely, Bren. Of course, I'm partial to your acorn photos! Have a great week.

trish said...

Good Morning.
What a pleasant day you had. Are you enjoying Leota's Garden? That is one of my favorite books (I may have mentioned that before - if so, sorry.) :o)
- Trish